The Yangtze river huai river flood in taihu lake continues to develop Countries further refine implement defensive measures

Release time:11/15/2021 5:40:41 AM

Since June 30, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze river, taihu and jianghuai into the strongest since sin rainfall process, parts of serious floods. On July 3, 16, taihu lake water level has risen to 4.64 m, will break through to ensure water (4.65 m); Yangtze river chase standing water level rose to 14.78 meters, 0.38 meters above the warning level and continue to rise, the Yangtze river flood peak has formed 2; Huaihe river water level rose broadly.
In view of the current serious situation of flood control and flood fighting, wang Yang, deputy prime minister, called the office, detailed understanding of the current flood and flood control situation, carries forward the fighting spirit, strengthen the flood control and responsibility, strengthen patrol defensive, and take effective measures, to win the flood control and flood fighting the battle. Since July 1, the office vice director, minister of water resources Chen lei held four times in a row for flood control and chamber of commerce, the implementation of the central leadership important instructions instructions spirit, study the deployment of flood control and flood fighting work. The office secretary, vice minister of water resources, liu ning, total planner Zhang Zhitong etc in consultation with the ministry of water resources.
In consultation with pointed out that the storm floods has five significant features: one is totally covered range. Rainfall area shrouded in taihu lake, the Yangtze river and huaihe river valley, more than 100 mm, 50 mm area covers an area of up to 31 and 63 square kilometers. Second, the process of the accumulative rainfall is large. Parts of 150 ~ 280 mm of rain falls, the maximum accumulative points for transshipment anhui luan before rainfall of 462 mm, hubei huanggang for transshipment zhangs 450 mm. 3 it is to small and medium-sized rivers rise. Happening flood river in 91, super than the warning level to ensure water flooding river article 28, hubei for the five river such as water flooding occurred off record. Four is great river lake water level is high. July 3, Yangtze river, middle river jiujiang river chase stop and dongting lake city ling angeles station has super p; 3, 16, taihu lake water level rose to 4.64 meters, 0.84 meters higher than the warning level, for the fourth high water level since 1954; Huainan HongDian mountains ring all over level 6 large reservoir, such as main stream of the huaihe river water level rose broadly. Five parts are affected. Hubei, anhui, jiangsu and hunan provinces such as hard-hit, hubei for people such as water, water She liuheyuan embankments dyke breaches, chaohu lake in anhui branch taking xihe neusoft enable detention.
Consultation with the thought, the next 10 days with two heavy rainfall process, affecting the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze river in southern and eastern southwest, jianghuai, huanghuai along the river, western and southern south China and other places. Taihu lake water level 3, the evening is expected breakthrough assure that water levels continue to rise, and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze river trunk stream of the lotus pond is the same to chase and water level 2 days all super police, huaihe river Wang Guba standing close to the warning level after before 8 (27.50 m); The number the first typhoon of this year, "Bert" 3, 8 in ocean east of the Philippines, are expected to 7-8 in zhejiang and fujian coastal land and influence in taihu lake basin, may meet strong winds, heavy rain, high water level three bad situation, flood control and flood fighting typhoon situation is very grim.
Chen lei stressed that the current the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze river and jianghuai along the river, taihu lake, continuous rainfall, river lake water retention, the flood control and flood fighting on three fronts, many in the face of the critical moment. Should start from the most unfavorable situation, to further strengthen emergency on-duty, full implementation of the defensive measures, efforts to do a good job of flood control and flood fighting. And one to complete the taihu lake basin flood response. To further strengthen too pu brake, kiosks and changshu key projects such as water conservancy and along the Yangtze river north, along hangzhou bay south row project scheduling, the refinement of full having drainage. Strengthen the sequences of levee, TaiPuHe, YuHe, surrounded by the city and the dyke inspections of embankment engineering, focus on the canal cruise dike ZhaXian and emergency QiangHu, to ensure that the flood control safety. Taihu lake office wants to coordinate, the two provinces and one city in advance measures to enable the preparation of the excessive flood dispatching. Second, we must strengthen the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze river and defensive systems. After the Yangtze river embankment reinforcement havent test after the flood, the same with many polder, Yangtze river lienchiang dam flood control standard is low, the hidden trouble is much, we need to implement defensive and ZhaXian responsibility, on foot patrol defense personnel, preset rescue team and material, flexibly close relation, flexibly aggrandizement linkage, ensure that risk early discovery, early QiangHu, ensure the life safety. Science and upstream reservoir group of scheduling and the three gorges reservoir, management and so on, reduce the pressure of the middle and lower reaches of the flood. Third, we need to grasp the real response to the preparation of the huaihe river flood. Against the possibility of flooding, further refine scheduling measures, good upstream to play meishan group of detention, such as mountain walking fish large reservoir flood peak, the middle to hold good retarding example, floodway and enable time LinHuaiGang flood control project, as far as possible increase the out of the lake of hongze lake downstream drainage amount, in a timely manner to eliminate the waterlogging in the area along the huai and liable to waterlogging lixia river water. Further implement a flood storage and detention area evacuation, transfer, settlement, etc. The specific measures. Fourth, we need to focus on strengthening the reservoir flood control security measures. At the same time ensure the safety of large and medium-sized reservoir flood, small reservoirs more attention must be paid to the safety of flood control, especially must implement yet dilapidated small reservoirs and small reservoirs under construction of emergency flood control measures. Need strengthen the inspections of all kinds of reservoirs, strict enforcement of reservoirs, flood dispatching of hydropower stations using the program, it is forbidden to long-term super run level, strengthen the dam dangerous situations such as the structure of the screen and QiangHu. Once, a great danger occurs to timely transfer the threat of the masses, ensuring the safety of personnel. Five should further strengthen the weak links. Focus on small and medium-sized rivers is weak some patrol defense, to ensure the safety standards after the flood embankment, the excessive flood the undead. Low standard of bottomland polder dike, while defensive ahead personnel transfer, avoid the dyke overflow causing casualties. Give full play to the mountain torrent disaster monitoring and the control group of test system, early warning information, rapid mass transfer hazardous areas, avoid group die group of injury. Extreme weather conditions to strengthen urban emergency management, carry out measures of urban drainage and protection of the normal operation of the city. Six should enhance guidance and support for local. State flood control and river basin flood control to flood development and local needs, the working group on short notice, sending and expert group, to help guide the local flood control and flood fighting work. In allocating flood control and emergency supplies and equipment in a timely manner when necessary, to support local fighting and emergency operations. Timely arrangements to heavy central funds for flood control, to help local flood control and waterlogging engineering repair work. Seven, and strengthen the flood control and flood fighting responsibility must be strengthened. To a responsibility system for flood control and administration, put all kinds of flood control and responsibility to each region, each section, each project, each link, the strict discipline flood control, intensify supervision accountability. Strengthen flood prevention duty and information submitted, dynamic flood release bulletin, actively response to social concern, positive guiding public opinion, form a good atmosphere of flood control and flood fighting. BaYao typhoon defense prepare in advance. Currently has entered in the northwestern Pacific typhoon generated active period, the number the first typhoon of this year, "Bert" formation and taihu basin flood may overlap with bad situation. To pay close attention to, "Bert" trends, rolling forecast and warning information in time, make arrangement in advance, targeted to implement various measures to prevent.
After the meeting, the office issued a notice, to the taihu lake, the Yangtze river and huaihe river defense work targeted to make arrangement. Sent three teams to the taihu lake basin, again sent the panel to hubei province, sent chuhe river to anhui, jiangsu working group. At present, the office with a total of 15 working group, the expert group, unfairness is flood control and assist to guide local in fighting and emergency work.