Cable laying process is analysed and the present situation of submarine cable in China

Release time:11/15/2021 5:38:57 AM

As the earths land petrochemical resources drying up, peoples attention gradually from the inland to the offshore island of wind power, Marine oil and other related Marine resources. According to the relevant departments of the incomplete statistics, about 18000 km coastline in China, has more than 5000 islands or island, some of these islands or island there are humans live for a long time, some suitable for offshore wind power development, some strategic significance, such as the nansha and xisha islands) these islands with the mainland power only by submarine cable, optical fiber communication cables or optical fiber composite cable, etc., in addition to this, offshore oil platform and submarine cable "users". Humans in 1859, the first cable laying, distance today has more than hundred years of history, there were no underwater detection technology, no advanced laying technology, no technical content extremely soft joint products and technology, the difficulty of laying in 1859 is palpable. Each technology changes with each passing day today, cable industry with a new round of industrial upgrading, shift towards high-tech areas, submarine cables of research and development, the manufacture of flexible connectors, cable laying and on-line monitoring has become one of the most technical representative subject in cable industry.