Last years global renewable energy power generation of new power capacity at a record high

Release time:11/15/2021 5:38:24 AM

Xinhua Paris on June 1 (xinhua una zhang) is committed to international organizations to promote the development of renewable energy \"21st century renewable energy policy network\" 1, points out that the 2015 global renewable energy power generation of new installed capacity of 147 gw, hit a record high. But by Chinas increased investment in stimulating, renewable energy investments in developing countries from a growth of 19%, to $156 billion, more than developed countries for the first time.
The organization in its headquarters in Paris, France in 2016, the global renewable energy status report pointed out that by the end of 2015, the global renewable energy power generation capacity of about 1849 gw (1 gw is equal to 1 million kw), year-on-year growth of 8.7%, accounting for 23.7% of the worlds total power capacity. The most significant wind and solar power capacity growth, growth 63 gw and 50 gw respectively.
Report analysis, in many countries, the cost of renewable energy is becoming a competitive mainstream energy, causes include relevant technology costs down, peoples energy security and environmental protection consciousness to strengthen, governments formulate supporting policies and objectives, active participation in local government and the private sector, as well as promote Paris conference on climate change and so on.
Reported that in 2015, the global renewable energy (not water electricity) investment totaled $285.9 billion, a record. By Chinas increased investment in pulling, in 2015, the total amount of renewable energy investments in developing countries compared with last year increased by 19%, to $156 billion, for the first time beyond the developed countries. While developed countries total investment of $130 billion, compared with last year reduced by 8%. European damped the most significant, at 21%.
Reported that in 2015, Chinas renewable energy investments of $102.9 billion, compared with last year growth of 17%, accounted for 36% in total global investment.
Data show that at the end of 2015, Chinas renewable energy power generation (not water electricity) capacity is about 199 gw, the highest in the world, the United States (122 gw) and Germany (92 gw) in two or three respectively. At present, China has been in the wind, water and electricity and solar power installed capacity in the world are listed in the first place.
\"21st century renewable energy policy network\", points out that although the renewable energy development positive momentum on the whole, but governments still faces many challenges in the future, including the need to increase renewable energy power generation in proportion for the state electricity system, strengthen the policy and the stability of political environment, reduce regulatory obstacles and fiscal constraints.