Diving ear pressure balance technique

Release time:11/15/2021 5:38:13 AM

Since diving ear pressure balance is really bothering me for a long time, especially after contact free diving problem more highlights, ear pressure balance do not only make fun of diving compromised and will cause damage. Fortunately, Internet information developed and potential friends share valuable experience makes me gradually have the knowledge of ear pressure balance, and the very good practice successfully ear pressure balance method. Writing this article hope to also have this aspect of friends can help.
Just contact free diving for the sport, there are two need to open the gate. The first is the ear pressure balance, the second is her breath. And this unbelievable two doors will accompany you to the sport, from shallow to deep.
A person without any breath training basic can do 45 to 60 seconds, the time is enough to you from the water back and forth to 10 metres deep. But when you really go to 35 m found like your ears the pain is unbearable, this is because the water pressure on your eardrums. So if you want to descend the first problem to be solved is the ear pressure balance.
Free diving relative to the ear of the scuba diving pressure balance need higher skills, problems are more prominent. Because free latent need to head on your breath descend quickly, ear pressure couldnt balance is bad for the sport. And scuba can be horizontal or vertical dive, dive and problems of the balance can be suspended or some to ease up, have the time to use passive skills such as swallow saliva method to balance the pressure, the ear pressure equilibrium problems in the process of diving is not very outstanding, but if you can learn to use the right ear pressure balance skill is also very useful for scuba diving. I dive before learn flange zell techniques is very worried to nasal cavity is a little discomfort, often have little obstruction can eat cold medicine to solve, and afraid to dive when unable to balance. Dive with ear pressure balance is not good, let with potential of waiting, let a person feel uncomfortable. Some upper dive site will have a flow to a quick dive to the deep calm layer which makes the ear pressure balance is not good I am very headache. But will the flange zell is really who used who knows! Ok not repetitive text.