The national energy administration working group in fujian CHITAN power station the landslide site to carry out the rescue work

Release time:11/15/2021 5:37:30 AM

On May 8, 4 when 46 points, sanming city, fujian province township taining open good huadian FuXin energy co., LTD., CHITAN power plant expansion project landslide disasters. After the disaster, the national development and reform commission, deputy director of the national energy bureau nur bekri immediately asked to form a working group to the scene of the national bureau of energy to assist local governments to urge relevant enterprises to carry out relief work, timely verify the understanding of the situation, to rescue the injured, resolutely prevent secondary disasters.
That night, by the national energy administration, deputy director of xiao-lin wang coalesced into the group arrived at the disaster site, overnight with the rescue headquarters in fujian province and other relevant aspects in consultation with the rescue and work to prevent secondary disasters. The next morning, the working group and the geology disaster scene has carried on the field view, rescue casualties, and submit to the rescue headquarters on the landslide rescue work of pool pool station in fujian province and the related work proposal ". Work at the scene of the rescue, xiao-lin wang put forward five requirements, to ensure that the complete safety of the dam, dam center to do technical support, in a timely manner to provide technical services; Second, we must strengthen and meteorology, land, water conservancy and other departments of communication, timely access to water and rainfall regime monitoring information, take effective measures to prevent the secondary disasters; Third, we need to urge the construction unit actively cooperate to rescue headquarters to do the rescue work; Fourth, we need to urge the construction unit cooperate with construction unit casualties statistics kind post-processing work; Five is about the situation of emergency rescue in time when the electric power enterprise, sanming, taining county electric power supply company to achieve the rescue.
So far, the working group has three plenary sessions at the scene of the rescue organization, situation of relevant and timely research on dam safety and flood safety situation to carry out the technical consultation. Group also has convened huadian corporation, China in turbine group and other related units, engineering construction, listen to the related report, and expert consultation and design units to ensure dam safety work plan, the rescue plan, etc. At present, the working group has organized 8 157 construction repair team to carry out repairs, coordinate a 24 kw generator as a disaster site temporary power supply of two (2) generators, 4 sets of emergency lighting equipment and 4 sets of emergency beacon for rescue headquarters unified deployment. Sanming, taining county electric power supply company has mobilized personnel on standby, ready to support the rescue work.
Next, the national energy administration working group will continue to pay close attention to natural disaster rescue and relief work and dynamic, and actively guide and supervise the electric power enterprise to assist local governments to do a good job of emergency rescue.