Chinas hydropower and electricity are first in the world

Release time:11/15/2021 5:37:21 AM

2016 China hydropower development BBS and hydropower science and technology awards presentation ceremony was held in Beijing in a few days ago. The reporter learned from the meeting, the hydropower enterprises continue to maintain steady and rapid development of our country in 2015, the year new hydropower production 16.08 million kilowatts. By the end of 2015, the total installed capacity of hydropower in China has reached 319 million kilowatts, generating 1.11 trillion kilowatt-hours, the installed capacity and power generation are first in the world.
It is reported, Chinas hydropower installed capacity will also continue to grow. In 2030 is expected to exceed 2030 kilowatts, in 2040 reached 500 million kilowatts. Degree of hydropower development in China in 2050 at the current development level of advanced countries.
In addition, the wind, light, and the scale of nuclear and new energy development and the overall acceleration of the construction of the uhv power grid, for pumped storage development has injected new vitality. Pumped storage in our country and put into production in 2015 of 1.23 million kw, 23.06 million kw, under construction in 27.26 million kw, and the development of the pumped storage are especially high voltage range between optimizing the allocation of resources, promote clean energy given provides a strong support. DAMS, chairman of the association, China water conservancy department minister wang shucheng said, should pay attention to the research and analysis of pumped storage power plant peak shaving effect. in addition to the conventional hydropower station is large capacity, but also construction, undertake the task load at all levels of pumped storage power station, otherwise, Chinas electric power would be difficult to very good scheduling.
The vigorous development of hydropower cause, for Chinas energy structure adjustment and energy conservation and emissions reduction, and made great contributions to the cause of world hydropower development. But at the same time, as economic growth into the new normal, great changes have taken place in our country electric power market, the social demand fell sharply, but is still in the rapid growth of thermal power installed, which further exacerbated the power imbalance between supply and demand situation. At present, our country southwest hydropower abandoned water problems become increasingly serious, four sichuan, yunnan hydropower volume continues to increase, the countrys electricity the problem of excess production capacity is more and more prominent.
Hydropower development also faces pressure from ecological aspects. On January 5, xi jinping, general secretary of the development of the Yangtze river economic belt in chongqing symposium explicitly pointed out that the Yangtze river economic belt to catch a big protection, no development. how to further improve the level of hydropower construction, one of the important content, is to solve ecological problems better. wang shucheng said, although the water resources and hydropower engineering itself should be an ecological engineering, but at present there are weaknesses, such as river cascade development, especially the small river, the small hydropower diversion type power generation, and the river dried up, all these problems should be noticed.
Chinese academy of engineering you-mei lu said of ecological problems, hydropower in essence, is to improve the ecological engineering, but someone think hydropower project is a affect the ecological environment of the project. Hydropower project is nothing but a dam and reservoir, change the original state of rivers, but did not change the law of the rivers, natural state can be changed, the nature cannot be changed.
It is understood that the current domestic hydropower stuck in various markets. Hydropower engineering society of China Zhang Jiyao said at the meeting, although new hydroelectric production in great quantities, but work is far cannot satisfy the requirement of long-term cross gauge. hydropower project is gradually shift to more complex geological and climate in southwest, the cost is increased, economy of water and electricity, the various technical problems constantly challenge the new height, construction safety and risk facing a big test.
In the future, the international market will be Chinas hydropower off new vantage point. In countries One Belt And One Road development strategy, China has now established hydropower planning with more than 80 countries, the construction and investment of long-term cooperative relations, occupies more than 50% of international hydropower market. nuclear power and high-speed rail go global brand influence has been formed, with the help of One Belt And One Road development strategy, water and electricity should also rushed to the front. wang shucheng said.