Guizhou beipanjiang river of wellknown hydropower projects won the 13th China dong zhan tianyou civil engineering award

Release time:11/15/2021 5:37:10 AM

On March 30, 2016, the 13th China zhan tianyou civil engineering award award ceremony held in Beijing, guizhou beipan river of wellknown dong won this award for the hydropower station and other 38 projects, also become the winning only a water conservancy and hydropower engineering.
In 2012, Pacific Ocean engineering co., LTD. Qingdao has the examination of underwater dam panel in detail, information provides accurate information data for the dam. On the occasion of the award, I sincerely congratulate dong wellknown hydropower station!
The 13th zhan tianyou civil engineering award in China from 154 to declare the good project, selected the 38 winning projects. These projects in the engineering design, energy conservation, environmental protection, history and culture protection, engineering life-cycle has great innovation in such aspects as safety monitoring.
Guizhou beipan river wellknown hydropower station is located in guizhou province dong beipanjiang river, along the border with zhenfeng is beipanjiang river basin cascade development of the third power plant, is the second batch of "Chinas" one of the key power construction project, it is at level 150 m high concrete face rockfill dam construction in whole section for the first time using sand mudstone of rockfill filling, is one of the world with high proportion of soft rock of rockfill DAMS and control harmful deformation of high concrete face rockfill dam project success. Project owner units for guizhou beipan river power co., LTD., China in turbine group of guiyang survey design institute co., LTD., take the survey design, China water conservancy and hydropower construction bureau co., LTD., the plant contracting 12 main body construction tasks.
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In the engineering survey design cycle co., LTD., under the condition of design requirement for high technology, there are "high dam, hard and soft rock, large discharge quantity, high amplitude tail water" more complex engineering problems, such as through "hard and soft rock material dam and its deformation control, high head, large discharge of flood discharge energy dissipation safety control, high amplitude tail water power plant design and construction of high dam water safety control", such as design of technological innovations and more than 20 new technology application, and many technical problems in the quality, progress, investment province of good effect, achieve the "safety, environmental protection, energy saving" goal, remarkable social and economic benefits, social evaluation.
Zhan tianyou civil engineering award in China since established in 1999, in construction, railway, traffic, water conservancy and other industries of workers under the support and participation of science and technology, in the social from all walks of life has a widespread influence, especially to guide and strengthen the construction of engineering innovation and application of new technology has played an important role. According to the civil engineering society of China, the former vice minister of housing and urban-rural development Guo Yunchong introduction, zhan tianyou civil engineering award awards of China always adhere to the "number of small, high quality, standard program," the selection principles and prizes from "open, fair and justice" principle, to get attention and recognition from all walks of life. The winning project reflects the current civil engineering in such aspects as planning, design, construction and management of the highest level and the latest science and technology innovation and application. Currently, zhan tianyou award has organized to complete the 13th, 374 has a high-tech content and representative won this award for the civil engineering construction projects, Hong Kong and Macao and overseas projects with a total of 12 engineering award.
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