Planning of water conservancy works

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The first paper guiding ideology, main goal and development philosophy
\"Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in\" period is to build a xiaokang society decisive phase. Promoting innovation and development, coordinated development, green development, open development, sharing development, make sure to build a well-off society in an all-round way.
The first chapter development environment
Low \"twelfth five-year\" period is the extraordinary development in our country for five years. Major progress was made in five years, Chinas economic structural adjustment, stable growth of agriculture, infrastructure level jump across the board. Progress was made in construction of ecological civilization, development priority zones system gradually perfect, the discharge of major pollutants continue to reduce, energy conservation and environmental protection level improved significantly.
\"Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in\" period, our country economy long-term to good fundamentals have not changed, still the vast development prospect, but the quality, and the synergistic extraction, transformation and upgrading of demand more urgent. Agriculture as the foundation is still weak. Regional unbalanced development between urban and rural areas, space development and extensive inefficient, resource constraints, the ecological environment deterioration trend has not been fundamental change.
The third chapter main goal
Low ecological environmental quality will improve overall. Energy resources development and utilization efficiency is greatly increased, effective control of energy and water consumption.
The fourth chapter development philosophy
To achieve development goals, crack development problem, strengthen the development advantage, must firmly establish and implement the innovation, coordination, new development of the green, open, sharing ideas.
\"Green is a necessary condition of sustainable development and the important of peoples pursuit of a better life. Must adhere to the basic state policy of resource conservation and environmental protection, insist on sustainable development, determined to go production development, life wealthy, ecology good civilization development path and speed up the construction of resource saving and environment-friendly society, the formation of the harmonious development of man and nature new pattern of modernization construction, promoting the construction of beautiful China.
The third article construct the new system development
Chapter 13 The modern market system
Promote the reform of price formation mechanism in the second quarter
Low water price formation mechanism. Fully implementing residents ladder water price.
Chapter 15 We will accelerate reform of the fiscal and taxation systems
In the third quarter and improve the system of taxes and fees reform
Implementation of the reform of resource tax AD valorem duty, gradually expanding the scope of the tax.
Article 4 Promoting agricultural modernization
Chapter 18 Enhance the capacity of agricultural products safety
In the first quarter to improve grain production capacity of security level
Low to implement storing grain bread to the ground and hiding the strategy, focusing on food commodities such as grain, large-scale irrigation and water conservancy, land reclamation and lower-yield fields and in the construction of high standard farmland.
In the second quarter We will accelerate agricultural structure adjustment
Raising scale and resource environmental bearing capacity of low overall consideration. Raise the level of aquatic standardized scale farming.
Section 5 Promote the sustainable development in agriculture
Low to carry out the comprehensive prevention and control of agricultural non-point source pollution. We will strengthen the protection of soil in the northeast. Focus on the groundwater funnel area, degeneration of ecological region, explore shall practise a system of arable land, crop rotation fallow pilot. Efficient large-scale water-saving irrigation in key irrigation area and how to carry out comprehensive action. Promotion of rainfed agriculture. In southern xinjiang yarkant river, hotan river basin, as well as the hexi corridor in gansu province, jilin baicheng serious water shortage area, the implementation of special water saving plan of action.
Chapter 19 Build a modern agricultural management system
The third section the agricultural socialized service system
Implementing agricultural socialized service support engineering, cultivate strong business services organization. Support industry association and has the qualification of business service organizations engaged in agricultural public welfare services, support for multiple types of new agricultural service main body to carry out the specialization, scale.
Chapter 21 Improve the system of agricultural support protection
Article 5 to optimize modern industrial system
Chapter 22 manufacturing nation strategy
In-depth implementation of the \"made in China 2025\", in order to improve the manufacturing industry, with emphasis on the innovation ability and basic ability, promote the information technology and manufacturing technology depth fusion, promote manufacturing industry in the direction of the high-end, intelligent, green, service development, cultivating new manufacturing competitive advantage.
Article 7 To construct modern infrastructure network
Chapter 30 construct modern energy systems
The first section promote upgrading of the energy structure
As a whole hydropower development and ecological protection, ecological priority, insist on focusing on important basin faucet hydropower station construction, hydropower resources in southwest of scientific development. Actively developing coastal tidal power resources.
Chapter 31 To strengthen the water security
To improve water conservancy infrastructure network, to promote scientific development, reasonable allocation and use of water resource, efficient utilization, improve water security.
The first section optimization pattern of water resources allocation
Low scientific reasoning, steady progress was made in a number of major water diversion project, lakes water system connecting key projects and key water project construction, as a whole to strengthen the construction of small and medium-sized water conservancy facilities, to speed up the building water more interconnected intermodulation, safe and reliable water safety net of urban and rural area.
Adjust measures to local conditions to implement water resistance project, strengthening the construction of city emergency and standby water.
Scientific development and utilization of surface water and various types of unconventional water, strict control groundwater exploitation.
Promote the river basin system renovation, maintain the basic ecological water demand, strengthen water storage capacity.
Scientific development governance implementation of transboundary rivers, deepen cooperation with surrounding countries transboundary water.
Perfect the system of the comprehensive flood control and mitigation in the second quarter
Strengthen management of rivers and lakes backbone project construction, continue to promote the major rivers and lakes dyke reinforcement, channel management and controlling construction of hub and a flood storage and detention area.
Low speed up the small and medium-sized rivers, mountain torrent disasters prevention, dilapidated reservoir sluices, strengthening, promote the key standard seawall construction.
Low to strengthen meteorological hydrological monitoring and rainfall regime forecast, strengthen flood risk management, improve the level of the flood control and disaster mitigation.
Article 8 Promote the new urbanization
Chapter 34 construction harmonious and livable city
The first section to speed up the construction of new urban
Urban size according to the resources and environment carrying capacity, ecological corridor construction and ecosystem restoration project, the construction of green city.
Strengthening the protection of cultural and natural heritage, the continuation of historical context, the construction of cultural city.
To strengthen the construction of urban infrastructure in the second quarter
* accelerate the reform of urban water supply facilities and construction. To strengthen the construction of underground infrastructure and municipal pipe network, etc.
Low strengthen urban flood prevent waterlogging and to regulate, park green space, such as ecological infrastructure construction, urban development support sponge.
Low to improve the construction and infrastructure of the city disaster relief capacity.
Article 36 chapter Promote the coordinated development of urban and rural areas
To speed up the construction of livable beautiful countryside in the second quarter
Low scientific planning and farmland protection, ecological conservation and other space layout.
* accelerate the reform of rural drinking water, fire fighting facilities.
To develop a new round of retrofit upgrade, rural electric power will reach 99.8%.
Low implementation of rural drinking water safety to consolidate promotion project.
Low construction the idyll, xiushan lishui, beautiful livable rural harmonious happiness.
In the third quarter to promote urban and rural public resources equilibrium configuration
Overall planning for urban and rural infrastructure network, improve the long-term effective mechanism of rural infrastructure investment, promote urban-rural networking infrastructure such as road of water and electricity gas letter unified layout in urban and rural areas, ecological and environmental protection facilities.
Article 9 Promote balanced development among regions
Chapter 37 Carrying out regional development strategy as a whole
Promote the rise of the central region of the 3rd quarter
Low breeding grow along the river along the urban agglomeration and urban growth pole.
Strengthen water environment protection and management, promote the poyang lake, dongting lake ecological economic zone and the han river, huaihe river ecological economic zone construction.
The fourth section support the eastern region to lead the country in development
\"Promote the pearl river - xijiang economic belt to accelerate development.
The fifth section and improve the mechanism of regional harmonious development
Innovation of regional cooperation mechanism, strengthen the collaboration and coordination of whole basin area.
When establishing and perfecting the ecological compensation, resource development, compensation and other interregional benefit balance mechanism.
Chapter 38 To promote the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei
The fourth quarter, expanding environmental capacity and ecological space
We will strengthen the protection of source of drinking water, combined pollution in rivers, lakes and seas governance.
Red line designated ecological protection, partition management, construction of yongding river ecological corridor, etc.
Low in the Beijing and tianjin bao region YingZaoLin and baiyang lake, hengshui lake lake wetland restoration efforts.
Low and bashang plateau ecological protection zone, yanshan - taihang mountain ecological headwater.
Chapter 39 The development of the Yangtze river economic zone
Low ecological priority, green development strategy, adhere to the repair of the Yangtze river ecological priority, to promote the coordinated development of the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze river, east Midwest interactive cooperation, build a ecological civilization construction in our country the first ShiFanDai driven by innovation, coordination development belt.
The first section construction of green ecological corridor along the river
Promote the whole river basin water resources protection and water pollution control, water quality of the Yangtze river at or better than Ⅲ class level.
Low basic implementation in cansu urban sewage waste collecting all along the whole processing.
Good to properly handle the relationship between rivers and lakes, improve storage capacity, strengthen the ecological protection.
Low overall planning industrial and port coastline along the river, river channel coastline, water intakes coast.
Low to promote the Yangtze river aggregate reservoir group of joint scheduling.
Low strengthen phosphate rock in a river basin and the phosphorous chemical pollution control.
Low implementation and other major ecological restoration engineering of the Yangtze river protection forest system, strengthen water conservation, soil and water conservation ecological function, etc.
Low strengthen geological disaster prevention and governance in Yangtze river basin. To strengthen the protection of key ecological function areas and repair.
Low to set up the Yangtze river wetland protection fund.
Low innovation across regional ecological protection and environmental control linkage mechanism, establishing ecological protection and compensation mechanism.
Low construction in the three gorges ecological economic zone.
In the second quarter to build high quality comprehensive transportation corridor
Low in yichang to anqing waterway regulation, promote to build a new hub of the three gorges water channel, perfecting the integrated transportation system.
The 40th chapter Support the development of special type region
The first section support to old revolutionary base areas development and construction
Accelerate the construction of water conservancy, energy, infrastructure, greatly enhance the level of basic public services, increase the intensity of ecological construction and protection.
Low positive pushing energy resource development.
The fourth quarter, to promote transformation development difficult areas
Strengthening repair governance degeneration of ecological region, orderly promote ecological emigration.
Article 41 of chapter Expand the blue economic space
Low adhere to the sea as a whole, the development of Marine economy, the scientific development of Marine resources, protection of Marine ecological environment, maintain the Marine rights and interests, the construction of sea power.
The first ten To speed up the improvement of ecological environment
Low intensify protection of ecological environment and improve the efficiency of resource utilization.
Chapter 43 Promote the economical and intensive utilization of resources
Set of economical and intensive recycling resource view, promote the fundamental changes to the resource utilization way, strengthen the management of the whole process of saving, greatly improving the comprehensive benefits of resources.
Promoting water-saving society construction in the second quarter
Implement the most stringent water management system, implementation of the national water saving plan of action.
Low DingChan adhere to water, water in the city, the water shortage region of stricter industry admittance, take water quota control.
Accelerate the reform of agriculture, industry, urban water conservation, promoting comprehensive agricultural water price reform, to carry out the comprehensive water-saving demonstration.
Strengthen the supervision of key water units, encourage multi-purpose monohydrate, optimal water use, the points for use.
Low water efficiency label system building, promotion of water-saving technologies and products.
Low speed up unconventional water resource utilization, the implementation of the rain flood resources utilization, recycled water use and other projects.
Low water amount control within 670 billion cubic meters.
Section 7 Establish and improve the mechanism of efficient utilization of resources
Low total services such as energy and water consumption, construction land and intensity of the double control action.
Low can establish and improve the use right, water right initial allocation system, innovation of paid use, budget management, investment and financing mechanism, cultivating and developing market.
Low sound energy saving, water conservation standard system.
When establishing and perfecting the central government to the local energy conservation and environmental protection assessment and reward mechanism, further expanding fiscal policy for energy conservation and emissions reduction comprehensive demonstration.
Low to organize the implementation of energy efficiency, water efficiency leader lead to action.
Chapter 44 The more comprehensive environmental regulation
The first section in-depth implementation of pollution prevention plan of action
Strengthen the comprehensive control in key river valleys, waters, strictly protect the good water and drinking water sources, strengthen the comprehensive control of poor water quality of lakes and improvement.
To promote water function zoning management, major rivers and lakes water function area water quality success rate of 80% or more.
Low in groundwater pollution investigation and comprehensive prevention and control.
Vigorously promote pollutants discharging standard and total emission reductions in the second quarter
Low along the coast and import library of eutrophication of lake river all above ground level and total nitrogen emissions controls on a city.
The fourth quarter, to strengthen environmental infrastructure construction
Low accelerate the reform of the urban sewage treatment facilities and network construction, promote the sludge disposal and recycling use, realizing a complete coverage of urban sewage treatment facilities and stable standard operation, city, county sewage concentration rate reached 95% and 95% respectively.
Chapter commencing To strengthen the protection and restoration of ecology
In the first quarter and improved ecosystem function
Low security important rivers estuary wetland and ecological water, protection of wetlands and lakes ecosystem in repair, build system of wetland protection.
Ecological restoration in key area in the second quarter
Low to source protection, system recovery, and integrated ShiCe advancing desertification, desertification, soil erosion comprehensive control.
\"We will continue to implement the second phase of the Beijing and tianjin sandstorm source treatment project.
Low strengthen three river sources and headwater conservation.
Low intensify the protection and the ecological corridor, such as the three gorges reservoir area ecological protection and construction of along the yellow ecological economic zone.
Low support construction of integrated demonstration area of ecological security barrier in gansu province.
Groundwater monitoring system, perfect the countries carry out groundwater area comprehensive treatment.
47th chapter And improve the mechanism of ecological security
To strengthen the construction of ecological civilization system, establish and improve the ecological risk prevention and control system, improve the ecological environment emergency response capacity, safeguard national ecological security.
Improve the system of ecological environment protection in section 1
To carry out the ecological space use control, draw the red line and adherence to ecological protection, ecological function is not reduced, area reducing, nature doesnt change.
Low total forest, grassland, wetland management system.
We will accelerate the establishment of a diversified ecological compensation mechanism, improve the mechanism of the financial support pegged to the ecological protection effects.
Low establishment covers resources exploitation and consumption, pollution emissions and resource products import and export of green tax system.
Study to establish ecological value evaluation system, explore the natural resources in the balance sheet, converting accounting account is established.
Low departure audit implementation of leading cadres of natural resources assets.
Price, establish and improve the ecological environment damage evaluation and compensation system, the implementation of the system of damage liability shall be investigated for life.
To strengthen the ecological environment in the second quarter risk monitoring and early warning and emergency response
Low dynamic monitoring and early warning system, establish and improve the national ecological security evaluation of ecological risk to carry out a full investigation on a regular basis.
Article 47 chapter Development of green environmental protection industry
In the first quarter expanded environmental protection product and service supply
Low contract energy management, water management and environmental pollution to a third party.
Article 13 Full implementation of poverty level
Article 57 the chapter Support for poor areas to accelerate development
Strengthening the construction of infrastructure of poor areas in section 1
\"Adjust measures to local conditions to solve poor areas pathways, drainage systems, electricity, network, etc.
Strengthen water conservancy construction in poverty-stricken areas, fully solve the problem of poor drinking water safety, we will vigorously support poverty-stricken areas of rural hydropower development.
Low intensify retrofit in poverty-stricken areas.
To enhance investment in cash, support small and medium-sized public welfare poor infrastructure.
We will continue to implement the whole village to promote, speeds up the production and living conditions improve funding.
Chapter 58 Improve the poverty crucial support system
The first section to strengthen policy support
Low in poor areas to develop hydropower, mineral resources occupy the collective land, on a trial basis to the residents way of collective equity to compensate.
Improve the resources development and revenue sharing mechanism, make more share development gains in poor areas.
Article 14 Improve the education and health level
Chapter 60 Promote a healthy construction of China
In the third quarter to strengthen prevention and control of major diseases and the basic public health services
Low basic elimination of schistosomiasis.
Low key endemic disease prevention and control work.
Section 7 We will launch extensive fitness programs for the general public
\"Do a good job in Beijing preparing for 2022 winter Olympic Games.
Article 16 To strengthen the construction of socialist spiritual civilization
Chapter sixty-seven To enhance the quality national civilization
Developing excellent traditional culture of the 3rd quarter
Low strengthening the protection of cultural relics, put an end to the destructive development and improper operation.
Article 17 To strengthen the social governance and innovation
Chapter seventy-two The public security system
First quarter overall improve the level of safety in production
Low reinforcement of important infrastructure such as water, oil and gas safety monitoring to defend.
Enhance disaster prevention and mitigation disaster relief ability in the second quarter
Low adhere to the combination of case is given priority to, resistance to save, improving from weather, severe natural disasters such as the comprehensive prevention ability.
Improve the system of disaster prevention disaster reduction and relief, perfect disaster survey and evaluation, monitoring and early warning, prevention and treatment of emergency system.
The disaster relief materials reserve system, improve the utilization level of resources to plan as a whole.
\"We will accelerate the establishment of a catastrophe insurance system.
Low paid service, formulate emergency rescue socialization materials equipment, the requisition compensation relief workers safety insurance and casualties pension policy.
When carrying out publicity and education of disaster prevention and reduction and exercise.
Chapter seventy-three To establish national security system
The first section and improve the mechanism of national security system
Low resources for implementation in key areas such as national security policy.
The against and dissolving economic security risks of the third quarter
Low energy, water, food, ecological environmental risk prevention and control ability.
Improve the national strategic materials reserves, building product capacity origin reserves with the combination of national strategic resource reserve system.
\"Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in\" development goals, prospect light, heavy task. The party the Chinese people of all ethnic groups will unite more closely to xi jinping, comrade as general secretary around the CPC central committee, holding the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, unswervingly take the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts, advancing with The Times, reform and innovation, united, hard work, mutual take to build a well-off society in an all-round decisive phase of the great victory!
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