The 14th China international industry exhibition and the 20th Pacific nuclear conference opened in Beijing

Release time:11/15/2021 5:36:47 AM

On April 6 in the morning, the 14th China international industry exhibition and the twentieth Pacific nuclear meeting open at Beijing national convention center (PBNC2016), two conference theme respectively "development of nuclear science and technology, to create beautiful homes" and "development of nuclear power in the Pacific and the world". Two events will be focusing on new technology of nuclear power development in the world in recent years, new achievements and new ability, for the global nuclear power industry to provide a display, communication and cooperation platform, expand and deepen the Pacific region and the world of nuclear science and technology exchange, to promote the international nuclear energy production, cooperation and development.

The exhibition on display in nuclear engineering at a total area of 16500 square meters, is the successive area is one of the biggest exhibition in nuclear engineering. From China, Russia, France, the United States, Germany, Japan, Canada, Spain, Sweden, Austria, South Korea, the Czech republic and other 12 countries nearly 300 exhibitors will attend the exhibition in nuclear engineering, including the international well-known enterprise, Westinghouse, Russian atomic energy company edf and areva hydropower nuclear power company, Canada Candu energy company, South Korea, etc. China pavilion, a total of more than 100 enterprises and institutions for the exhibition, China national nuclear corporation, China nuclear engineering group corporation and China guangdong nuclear group co., LTD., national power investment group co., LTD., China huaneng group, inc., hualong international nuclear power technology co., Shanghai electric group co., LTD., the Chinese academy of sciences institute of nuclear and nuclear university, China international nuclear fusion energy plan execution center, Chinese academy of medical sciences, Shanghai nuclear power office, sichuan province, heilongjiang province nuclear power equipment run nuclear power equipment, haiyan county (city) for nuclear power in China and other exhibitors will show the full system in nuclear power, nuclear fuel, instruments and meters, the latest achievements in the field of equipment manufacturing, and the application of nuclear technology and innovation ability. The exhibition content, on the basis of the usual show will focus on Chinas nuclear industry "twelfth five-year" innovation of science and technology, including "hualong" number one nuclear power plant, CAP1400 plant, high temperature gas cooled reactor nuclear power plant, nuclear science and technology achievements of Chinese academy of sciences, nuclear college talent cultivation and innovation, etc.

Conference will also be a seminar on nuclear safety culture industry of China and the United States, and the international association of irradiation processing of China nuclear society cooperation agreement signing ceremony, the 2014-2015 nuclear science and technology subject development research report ", "China nuclear instrument discipline development research report" report launch two disciplines, as well as the first China rich activities such as nuclear science prize presentation and awards. The first of China nuclear society "nuclear science prize" winner competition zone and " nuclear I explore" the popular science exhibition zone with a total area of about 1000 square meters. Dozens of physical model and interaction model will be the first concentration exhibited geared to the needs of the audience. By popular science books, graphic display boards, interactive games, animation, video, model a variety of forms such as propaganda and popularize knowledge of nuclear science, the content covers the basic knowledge of nuclear science and energy utilization, radiation safety and protection, the application of nuclear technology and nuclear technology development prospects in various fields such as knowledge of authority. Through exhibition activities, attract more social public love nuclear technology and nuclear technology, support the development of nuclear science and technology.

At the same time, the twentieth peaceful nuclear energy conference official start of the "new progress in nuclear power technology in the world" and "nuclear fuel cycle and nuclear security" two themes of the conference report. During the next three days will revolve around the development of "fusion", "the new development of advanced nuclear energy system", "uranium resources, uranium supply and the new component development", "construction of the plant and equipment manufacturing", "the new development of radiation processing industries and technology", "safe nuclear power plant operation and life management", "the processing of spent nuclear fuel and waste management", "public acceptance and nuclear knowledge management" and so on eight projects BBS and 11 technology such as in-depth discussion and exchange. From more than 40 countries around the world more than 800 delegates to attend, submitted more than 400 papers. Mainly involved in the world nuclear state government departments and enterprises of the U.S. department of energy (doe), the British climate change, natural resources Canada, the United States Westinghouse, edf and areva, Russian atomic energy company, Canada he company, Korea hydro and nuclear fuel company such as nuclear power company, Japan applied energy research institute, will be sending officials and technical personnel to attend. "One Belt And One Road" along the key stakeholders nuclear-weapon states and regions, our country is to develop nuclear power, Argentina, Malaysia and other countries will also be sent, head of the government officials and nuclear business.