Reservoir project construction process quality control management

Release time:11/15/2021 5:36:03 AM

1, the quality control of construction preparation stage
According to the characteristics of the project construction of technical training for all construction personnel, professional management and technical personnel to strengthen training; For a variety of pre-service training for the operators. For new workers, must be conducted before mount guard "tertiary education; involving" four new "technology project management and operating personnel according to the technical characteristics of special training. Familiar with, audit construction drawing, prepare the implementation of the construction organization design, make technical clarificaiton, aiming at the project preparation of quality plan, the merit planning, material experiment was carried out for raw materials, preparation of materials and machinery and equipment demand plan, to do a good job of equipment repair and maintenance. According to the construction layout set up temporary production, living room and temporary water supply line and other facilities, to verify the construction site all kinds of underground structures, pipelines, and formulate the corresponding protection measures.
2, the construction process of quality control
According to the procurement control procedures ", select qualified suppliers purchasing materials needed for the construction, and on the basis of the materials, engineering equipment inspection and test status control program "for quality control and guarantee the quality of construction materials. According to Ⅸ inspection, measuring and testing of control program "set up the test institutions, configuration test equipment, and according to the process inspection and test procedures, according to relevant specifications to monitor the construction process. For key process and special process, formulation of a detailed technical details, and make technical clarificaiton, strictly implement the system of concealed work visa, working procedure, after the completion of the supervision engineer to check the signature rear can into the next procedure. Not be put into use to unqualified raw materials and semi-finished products, unqualified process did not turn sequence. At the same time in the whole construction process, strictly required to strengthen the management of documents and materials, all technical documentation according to the requirements of quality management standards designated persons responsible, classify establish accounting, sending and receiving the registration, controlled documents must be sealed by controlled, and to use them. Carry out TQC total quality management activities, establish QCtb group. Make merit planning, QC team results released on a regular basis, to consolidate and expand QCtb group activities.
3, the quality control in the completion stage
For nearly completed projects finishing engineering construction plan, organize relevant personnel in accordance with the construction acceptance specifications to preview of completed, find out the existing problems and timely processing, completes the as-built documents, doing fine, doing well according to the requirements of the provisions of the owner. All engineering projects, completed the file, after self-checking qualified in accordance with the acceptance procedures apply to the owner for project handover. Quality review plan, timely grasp the user opinion of the project, to review the user response problems, according to execute quality review and service procedures, to ensure customer satisfaction.