The current situation of China water conservancy project management under the current period

Release time:11/15/2021 5:35:53 AM

1, quality consciousness
Infrastructure construction projects in our country, the quality factor is the main controlling factors in the process of project construction. For water conservancy projects are equally important, the quality is the core of the water conservancy project. However, the current our country all kinds of construction accidents in construction engineering, engineering more and more \"tofu\", not only influence national economy, also caused serious losses. And the main reason of this phenomenon is the quality control does not reach the designated position, overall quality consciousness; Also related to the time limit for a project schedule. Therefore, to strengthen water conservancy engineering quality consciousness is particularly important.
2, custody, lack of funding
As part of the water conservancy project management and maintenance maintenance funds shortage, the water conservancy project appear serious aging phenomenon. For some small water conservancy projects, if has management unit, it will only rely on state funding and funding to maintenance and management, if there is no administration, is neglected. But most of the water conservancy project in custody are not equipped with professional and technical personnel, causing all kinds of quality problems.
3, lack of effective supervision
In the process of water conservancy construction, owing to lack of regulation, low degree of standardization, strict regulation, together with many regulators lack of strong sense of responsibility, at the same time, the overall quality and professional knowledge and skills is not high, lead to supervisory work carries out does not reach the designated position, let alone play a role of supervision and management. In addition, the lack of normative supervision market in China, the supervision does not reach the designated position, lack of depth and breadth, and quality control ability is weak, lack of effective means and method, the water conservancy project management work and the practical requirements.
4, operation management and the lack of flexibility
At present, water conservancy project management has many problems, first of all, the lack of advanced management method, the overall consciousness; Second in water conservancy project management team in the lack of management talents, insufficient ability between group a comprehensive ability strong talent team, makes the water conservancy project management can not adapt to the actual demand of water resources management of the market in the new period.