[Beautiful China] Hot Spring Festival "Green"

Release time:11/15/2021 5:35:00 AM

In termsof ecological environment, set off firecrackers to air pollution, garbage and noise, it is easier for buried fire hazards. Less set off firecrackers, this good in China there are more rich, more green "NianWeiEr"

The footsteps of the New Year is near, the heart of the home more eagerly. Looking forward to your home for the family reunion dinner table, the rotation of a rolling pin, round wrappers... May also be thought of villager firecrackers and red paper scraps of Montreal. But, this year New Years day I put some firecrackers, less can?

From the perspective of ecological and environmental protection, the disadvantages of setting off firecrackers is self-evident: air pollution, garbage and noise, easy to hurt, will also be buried under the fire hazards.

It is reported that on January 30, 2014, the lunar New Years eve, affected by adverse weather conditions and fireworks during the Spring Festival, the influence of beijing-tianjin-hebei and surrounding areas, the emergence of the Yangtze river delta region and the central and western part of city air pollution process. Was carried out in 161 cities of the new standard air quality monitoring, Jan. 31 (lunar month) at 1 to 3 in the morning when the concentration of PM2.5 hours increased significantly, including 1, 128 cities PM2.5 hour average concentration is greater than 150 microgram/cubic meter, for severe and more pollution. In 2013, during the Spring Festival, Beijing tongren hospital accepts 115 fireworks injuries patients, only to the first two days of treatment 68 New Years eve.

From the point of view of the degree of "happy New Year", set off firecrackers this activity is to put people joy, for the people around is probably worry - huge noise, air pollution, a light, neighbors, has repeatedly caused personal injury, property damage, but also music incident tragedy, no peace.

Maybe someone will say, dont set off firecrackers NianWeiEr is not strong. "NianWeiEr", however, is not just a "firecrackers", wonderful years is rich in customs in China, set off firecrackers, this less people, dust removal, write Spring Festival couplets and New Year pictures, stick grilles, steamed rice cakes, dumplings, shou sui, happy New Year, lion dance, the dragon, going to the flower market, watching lanterns will pick some home with tradition, they are interested in and his family to do together, not too lively interesting?

A rare opportunity, concerned about the health of the old man, talk to each other, a years experiences to family kitchen to make a dish, are all well. Era, the connotation of the "year" also should have the new change, such as everyone put less fireworks, have the fresh air, clean and tidy environment, family health New Year, much good.

The busy lunar New Year, everyone is expected to be "green".

From the Peoples Daily (January 18, 2016, 14), a cut.