[Beautiful China] Green need more convenient "gate"

Release time:11/15/2021 5:34:47 AM

Guide the whole society to establish ecological civilization consciousness, to open more convenient \"doors\" to the public, let everybody can swim in food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and so on each link, convenient to participate in and practice green

Provincial local CPPCC are densely populated. It is said that, all the provinces of the government work report will be \"construction of ecological civilization\" as the focus of the work during this year and even the entire \"much starker choices-and graver consequences-in\", many places are particularly put forward to improve the ecological civilization consciousness, realize the whole people to participate in an ecological civilization construction, etc. Such a move, let us to accelerate the construction of ecological civilization have more expectations. However, how the public response, and the relevant departments can provide the public with what kind of participation.

Guide the whole society to establish ecological civilization consciousness, is the need of the central, the purpose is through extensive green living action, to promote universal in food, clothing, shelter, line, swim, etc to speed up to thrift, green low carbon transformation, civilized and healthy way.

Participation is the most effective. Have never swum like never feel fresh water \"wonderful buoyancy\", did not participate in environmental action peoples perception of ecological construction and environmental protection is also rawish. Actually now need not environmental protection consciousness, but to participate in the way. Plant trees, for example, every year a lot of schools and units, but the tree planting activity is often just the annual \"meaning\", other groups in society if concerned to participate in the activities of tree planting, and what should you do? Oneself buy tree saplings glade to make a car to the suburbs? Not reality. The author thought that, since requirements \"civil participation, the organizers should be doing everything possible to create one thousand low threshold, the participation of the public can choose the opportunity, can participate for people who want to participate in, rather than a set of schools and\" unit \".

Low threshold is the precondition of participation, and participation behavior to continue, also need to be visible as a result, namely for the participants to see the effect of their actions, then keep the enthusiasm of participation. Using aerial photographs in response to \"where we plant the trees went\" questions, using real data show the outcome of the \"car free day\", is a good way to encourage continued to participate in.

Covenant-lite channels can ignite the enthusiasm of the participants, activity results visible, let this enthusiasm continue. Meet the two conditions, is the effective channel. With some empty head and brain ceremony, shout the slogan of some white elephant, be inferior to open the door to \"convenient\" for many, let everybody can in food, clothing, shelter, transportation, travel and so on each link, convenient to participate in and practice green.