In 2015 Chinas hydropower ten big news

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1, 2015 per capita installed a 1 kw, electricity and water and electricity installed, electricity production for the world

In February 2015, the per capita power installed the historic breakthrough 1 kw. According to statistics, in 2014, the installed power-generating capacity has reached 1.36 billion kilowatts, full diameter generating capacity of 5.5 trillion kilowatt-hours, of which more than 300 million kw hydropower, hydroelectric power generation breaks through 1 trillion KWH, all ranks first in the world. At the same time, at present, Chinas per capita annual electricity consumption has amounted to 4038 KWH, the worlds average level. Shortage of electricity supply in our country has risen from tension to excess supply and demand balance and even loose.

Small make up is expected, as the worlds most populous nation, China is the worlds electricity, water and electricity, the eldest brother eldest renewable energy status, from now on, Im afraid no one can shake.

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2, 2015, the national development and reform commission issued by deepening the reform of electric power system file promulgated six supporting documents

On March 15, to implement the partys fourth plenary 18 third, spirit and the sixth session of central finance leading group (left), the national energy board meeting for the first time, the central committee of the communist party of China under the state council issued the several opinions on further deepening the reform of electric power system. Since then, on November 30, the national development and reform commission, the national energy administration official six electric power system reform of supporting documents. Six supporting documents by the national development and reform commission, the national energy administration, and public sector, the ministry of industry and information technology, the ministry of finance, environmental protection department, ministry of water resources, state-owned assets supervision and administration commission, legislative affairs department under the state council, with the approval of the submitted to the state council, and the economic system reform inter-ministerial meeting (electricity) approval.

In the reform of supporting documents (4), small make up sad to see, the most important renewable energy electricity, didnt can photovoltaic and wind power, the guarantee of renewable energy into the first echelon. However, combined with Chinas reality, and it does have a point. First, Chinas hydropower capacity is huge, and mainly focused on individual hydropower big province, let the province power grid to ensure that hydropower is not abandoned water, really was reluctant. Second, the average tariff of hydropower is also low, itself has a certain competitive advantage, not like now must also rely on subsidies to survive wind and photovoltaic (pv), if the policy not to give them an easy ride, reality of severe overcapacity in the current electricity, they are almost certain death.

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3, 2015 world water day, China water week focusing on safety of water

On March 22, 2015, is the 23rd "world water day", March 22 to 28 is 28 session of "Chinas water week". The United Nations to determine 2015 "world water day" propaganda theme is "water and sustainable development". Memorial in China 2015 "world water day" and "Chinas water week" activity propaganda theme of "save the water resources, to ensure the safety of water". The problem of water security is broad, but for developing countries, the main contradiction of water security is often reflected in the lack of storage facilities and capabilities. April 7th in daegu world water on the BBS, and the organization for economic cooperation and development of the world water council jointly issued a report, called on the international community to strengthen the financing of water infrastructure, in order to meet the worlds population and economic growth, the required water security.

Chinas water storage facilities construction is closely related to hydropower development, for this world water day in 2015, Chinas hydropower engineering society and other units held water safety science in tsinghua university BBS, pointed out that Chinas hydropower development (especially in leading the construction of the reservoir plant) has become the focus of the restriction of national energy security and water security, called on the whole society attaches great importance to water security of our countrys hydropower construction.

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4, 2015, the ministry issued veto contentious small water power station

On March 30, 2015, the ministry had to print on the jinsha river wu east hydropower station approval of environmental impact statements, publicly rejected has small water power station in the construction. Some experts, however, question of environmental protection the suspected illegal. Small water power station construction is approved in January 2013, just under the state council issued "the Yangtze river basin comprehensive planning" (hereinafter referred to as: planning) is an important component. At the same time, according to the requirements of "planning" small water power stations have been in 2014 by the national development and reform commission (NDRC), officially approved, and the construction of the early work.

Under the rules of the documents issued by the state council, the plan must be in after soliciting the opinions of relevant departments, including environmental protection, not formally promulgated. Regardless of the environment at the beginning of "planning" the small south China sea content you agree or disagree with the following statement, after the state council has issued, there should be no direct post. Moreover, the state council promulgated in the Yangtze river planning file, had a special emphasis on: according to the law of the Peoples Republic of China, "planning" is the important basis for development the river, the relevant unit must seriously implement, implement. Article also make clear a regulation of the water of the Peoples Republic of China "planning, once approved, shall be implemented strictly. The approved planning needs to be modified, must be in accordance with the planning program to the original approving department." . Visible, in accordance with the law, environmental protection is not no way to express opposition, and should be in accordance with the law "to the original approving department according to the process of planning." After the formal position again. Anyhow, decide the fate of small water power station, only is the objective facts and laws and regulations, and cant be media hype and power.

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5, 2015 world conference on water and electricity was held in Beijing

On May 19, in order to "shape the future, to promote the sustainable development" as the theme of the 2015 world conference held in Beijing huairou yanqi lake of water and electricity, more than 300 foreign representatives and more than 400 domestic representatives gathered together, hydroelectric proiect. World conference on water and electricity for the first time held in China, which is both water and electricity industry event in the world, is also Chinas hydropower industry event. Electricity plays an important role in the global energy supply, has great significance in response to global climate change.

At present, the global hydropower development has entered a new stage, at the same time also faces the challenge of environment, water, etc. China as a capacity for many years the worlds biggest hydroelectric power, in the water and electricity design, manufacturing, engineering construction, etc, has accumulated rich experience, formed a complete industrial chain and strong technology, funds, talents and management advantages. Hope that through this meeting, together with global stakeholder world, hydropower development promoting the sustainable development of hydropower. In the conference closing ceremony, the delegates by calling for global hydropower development of the Beijing declaration on hydropower.

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6, 2015, dadu river double river hydropower station for approval, and construction

On July 13, held in chengdu sichuan province government dadu river estuary, yarlung Jiang Yang gully hydropower station centralized opening ceremony. Project in April 2015 through the national approval. Double river mouth hydropower development tasks mainly for power generation, with a total investment of 36.614 billion yuan, the dam type development, the key project by blocking the river dam, spillway, diversion system, etc buildings, gravel soil core wall rockfill dam the dam height of 314 meters, for the worlds high dam.

Due to various reasons, the reservoir construction lags behind in the hydropower development in China. This makes our countrys hydropower peak, is particularly prominent contradictions, power quality is not high, at the same time also contributed to the flood season of a large number of abandoned water. Therefore, dadu river mouth hydropower station construction, is Chinas hydropower development entering a crucial stage of an important symbol. Hydropower cascade development is a has been proved by successful practice in many countries around the world of science. Can only be truly scientific development of hydropower, the hydropower resource advantages into full play.

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7, 2015, under the new normal hydropower abandoned water problem of the social concern

On August 6th hydroelectric water symposium held in Beijing. The characteristics of hydropower construction cycle is long and the transmission distance. It often makes the horse in economic boom period of large hydropower projects, a market saturation when formally put into production, and difficult to given, and the difficulty of construction of transmission lines are not synchronized. Taking sichuan province as an example, the province is an important hydropower base country China to send. Since entering the "twelfth five-year", as the dadu river, yalong river, jinsha river basin of the three large hydropower production, supporting the construction of the channel to be delivered to the outside is becoming more and more nervous. Because of hydropower unit operating channels and timing to be delivered to the outside are not synchronized, and ShouShou end of reasons, such as network constraints on hydropower in some place practical ability and the way out, there are various contradictions, water problem is very serious. On the surface, a large number of abandoned water due to water and electricity of intensive production, is the cause of insufficient power transmission channel. And the deep reasons, and not construction of channel to be delivered to the outside, but under the our country economy the new normal, the electric power industry is undergoing the excess capacity and market weakness of new challenges.

To this end, Chinas hydropower engineering society organizations to carry out the research on the sustainable development of water and electricity under the new normal and special symposia held hydropower abandoned water problem, understand the actual circumstances of the basic unit, the solution of the hydropower abandoned water problems are studied. At the same time, chairman of the institute of water and electricity Zhang Jiyao also by the Chinese peoples political consultative conference to submit the proposal to solve the problem of abandoned water, and obtained the relevant departments attach great importance to and written reply.

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8, 2015 countries, speed up the construction of pumped storage capacity of the largest pumped storage power station

To meet a lot of wind, solar and other renewable energy network access needs, in 2015 accelerated the development and construction of pumped-storage power station in our country. On September 23, hebei FengNing (phase ii), shandong whedon, chongqing panlong three pumped storage power station construction at the same time. Three pumped-storage power station with a total investment of 24.44 billion yuan, the total installed capacity of 4.8 million kilowatts, scheduled to be completed in 2022, all the production. Among them, the hebei FengNing pumped storage power station project (phase ii) installed capacity of 1.8 million kilowatts, project investment of 8.75 billion yuan. When completed, FengNing pump storage power station first and second phase of the installed capacity of 3.6 million kilowatts, is expected to become the worlds largest installed capacity of pumped storage power station.

Macro point of view, the sustainable development of the human, cannot leave the renewable energy. Renewable energy to replace fossil fuel energy revolution, is the only way for the development of human beings. At present, due to the limited level of science and technology, renewable energy in a lot of wind and photovoltaic intermittent and randomness of contradiction, also must rely on water and electricity to adjust. Therefore, under the current technical level, on the one hand, if we want to implement renewable energy to replace fossil energy revolution, it is necessary to build enough pumped storage. , on the other hand, only the construction of pumped storage keep pace with the development of our countrys needs, we could realize the change of renewable energy alternatives to fossil fuels, is likely to achieve sustainable development.

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9, climate conference held in Paris in 2015, Chinas hydropower will act as the main body

On December 1, the 21st session of the UN climate change conference held in Paris, France. Xi jinping, chairman of the promise and to make a speech in the opening plenary session, expounded Chinas views and propositions on global climate governance. Mr Xi said China will in carbon dioxide emissions to peak around 2030, and to achieve as soon as possible; When the proportion of renewable energy is not lower than 20%; Forest volume of more than 2005, 4.5 billion cubic meters.

It is well known that human replace fossil energy is renewable energy. At present, due to the limited level of science and technology, in which one of the countries around the world, hydropower is a renewable energy in the absolute main force. According to statistics, the current worldwide 80% likely to have the energy of power generation or from the water and electricity. Chinas hydropower resources in the worlds first, the current development degree is only 39%, and the huge development potential. Water and electricity for the main reduction in our country, the absolute is a responsibility. All in all, climate change, realize the solemn promise, not only inseparable from the water and electricity, and is currently still have to rely on the water and electricity. The reality of global, nor with the possible exception of China.

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10, 2015 east German approved hydropower station construction

On December 16, the state council premier li keqiang chaired a state council executive meeting, decides to approve, including wu east hydropower station, a group of hydropower nuclear power and other clean energy major projects. Meeting believes that to speed up the construction of hydropower and other clean energy infrastructure, are stable economic growth, optimizing the energy structure, improve peoples livelihood of green development important measures, to promote energy conservation and emissions reduction and pollution prevention, increased investment in public goods supply and effective demand, promote Chinas equipment quality and competitiveness, is of great significance. The meeting decision, to have been included in the relevant national planning, has the construction conditions of the jinsha river east hydropower station project is approved. Then on December 24, wu east hydropower station has been officially started.

Small make up think: east German hydropower station has been approved and the meaning of the construction, and not only is that it is the worlds one of the few thousands of kilowatt of a huge hydropower station. But serious overcapacity in the national power, from the Chinas energy strategy in China meet the challenge of local economic development, domestic and construction scale of hydropower investment fell sharply in the critical moment, the state council strongly supports a statement of the hydropower renewable energy development. According to the current level of science and technology, human sustainable development depends on renewable energy, and renewable energy development, more inseparable from the water and electricity.

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