Russian VVER nuclear power technology

Release time:11/15/2021 5:28:16 AM

VVER is the former Soviet union development of pressurized water power reactor. VVER is Russian abbreviation, on behalf of the "water - water energy reactor" (i.e., water cooled reactor water - moderated energy). In some eastern European countries, some or all of the nuclear power production depends on type of reactor designed by the Soviet union.

S and eighty s, the second generation pressurized water reactor nuclear power model of the main building of the former Soviet union, is VVER - 1000. In the early ninety s, after the collapse of the Soviet union, Russia, together with the worlds nuclear power unit supplier for more safe and more economic research and development of new models of improvement, has introduced the AES - 91 (V - 428) and AES - 92-412 (V) two kinds of models. Both models remain the basic pattern of VVER - 1000, the two are basically the same.

Two kinds of models, respectively of tianwan nuclear power plant in China and India, kurram nuclear power plant, the construction of two. Of tianwan nuclear power station with two AES - 91 type units, on May 17, in 2007, and completed and put into production on August 16, running in good condition. India, kurram nuclear power station with two AES - 92 type units, also in 2010 completed and put into operation in September and December.

In AES - 91 and AES - 92 two models on the basis of construction practice, absorb experience feedback, has carried on the comprehensive improvement, potentialities and standardization, launched the nominal power of 1.2 million kw of AES - 2006 type, of the three generations of + models.

The Russian government has AES - 2006 type main models of the nuclear power development in the future for Russia, plans to build 2030 years ago 32 this unit, there are 4 units, new voronezh 2 factory (NVNPP) and 2 Leningrad factory (LNPP) 2 units, construction began in 2008 and 2008, respectively in 2012 and completed in 2013. Belene nuclear plant in Bulgaria, in a bid to Russias victory over porsche, library company and Westinghouse, united won the bid to AES - 92 type, two units have been built in 2008.

At present, in Russia and abroad were running 53 cities by Russian VVER technology of water-cooled nuclear reactors, one is 28 VVER 1000 reactor.