The French EPR nuclear power technology

Release time:11/15/2021 5:28:06 AM

EPR is with the United States tied for the contemporary advanced third generation nuclear power technology AP1000, benefit and joint development of Siemens reactor, is on the international newest reactor (Konvoi reactor of the construction of the N4 interchange of France and Germany), on the basis of the development of learned the plant run more than 30 years of experience.

EPR for single pile layout defines the unit, the electric power 1525 mwe, design life 60 years, double containment design, outer adopts reinforced concrete shell against external disasters, inner lining for prestressed concrete.

EPR nuclear power technology is the introduction of our country for political relations, not in the current domestic technology selection of new unit.

Built using this technology, the worlds nuclear power plants with a total of three, in addition to the taishan nuclear plant is located in Chinas guangdong jiangmen, and in May 2005, Finland red base lotto nuclear plant construction, start at the end of 2007 the flamanville nuclear power station unit 3 in France. Compared with two other repeatedly delayed plant, taishan nuclear power plant construction appear smooth.

The first phase of taishan nuclear power plant by Chinese companies has the most nuclear power units and global France electricity company jointly invest in the construction. The project has been officially opened at the end of 2009. Construction of two single capacity of 1.75 million mw pressurized water reactor nuclear power unit, the project completed and put into operation the year after power up to 26 billion KWH online.