Type CAP1400 PWR nuclear power unit is state nuclear power technology company in the digestion, absorption, fully grasp the third generation of the our country introducing advanced technology, on the basis of AP1000 nuclear power in a move by again innovation developed with independent intellectual property rights in our country, power is greater than the dynamic large-scale advanced PWR nuclear power unit, is also Chinas "one of the 16 national science and technology major projects" of nuclear power the core content of major projects. CAP1400 conform to the highest safety standards for commercial nuclear power plant at present, is also the biggest PWR is not active.

CAP1400 will work together with "hualong number one", to become Chinas nuclear technology for the two edge tool of overseas markets.

CAP1400 at present, the application technology of project of shandong rongcheng CAP1400 demonstration project 1 - unit 2, unit capacity of 1.4 million kilowatts, design life 60 years. The project is expected to approve the project and now two units of prophase work goes well, to start construction within this year, the first unit connected to the grid in 2018.

CAP1400 technology demonstration projects - shandong rongcheng shidao bay nuclear power plant (from the network)