Nuclear power technology, the so-called "hualong one refers to the nuclear ACP1000 and wide nuclear ACPR1000 + the fusion of two kinds of technology, known as" Chinas independent research and development of three generations of nuclear power technology route ". "Hualong 1" has been through the national energy administration and the national nuclear security administrations review. On August 21 solstice 22, the national energy administration, the national nuclear safety administration in Beijing organized "hualong" number one overall technical solution panel. During the meeting, the nuclear group and guangdong nuclear group cooperation in the development of independent three generations of nuclear power "hualong" number one recognised by the state authority.

ACP1000 technology, independent research and development of nuclear group, is a fully independent intellectual property rights of advanced pressurized water reactor nuclear power technology. It is done in the nuclear group design CP1000 nuclear reactor, on the basis of digesting and absorbing the introduction of the three generations of nuclear power technology AP1000, draw lessons from international advanced ideas of advanced nuclear power technology, give full consideration to the fukushima accident after the latest experience feedback, developed in accordance with the standards of the international most advanced regulations require one with independent intellectual property rights of the third generation of pressurized water reactor nuclear power plants.

Modification of CPR1000 is CGNPC launched China million kilowatt PWR nuclear power technology. Is imported from France million kilowatt DuiXing - M310 DuiXing. And ACPR1000 + is CGNPC in advancing CPR1000 nuclear power technology standardization, seriation, scale construction at the same time, developed with independent intellectual property rights of million kilowatt the third generation of nuclear power technology.

The "hualong number one" fusion scheme evaluation is passed, the basis of its formation, is the result of the national energy administration in April last year urged the two nuclear power group, asking them to make reasonable fusion as soon as possible in their respective technology, in order to "enhance the competitiveness of China in the international nuclear power market". Two kinds of nuclear power technology integration, theres little doubt that not only can promote the standardization production of three generations of the independent nuclear power technology in our country, the end of the chaotic of nuclear power, the most important thing is to reduce waste in resources.

According to the nucleus and nucleus in the agreement, "hualong" number one core selection of nuclear group ACP1000 technology in 177 core, single pile arrangement, and fuel used in nuclear group development CF independent brands. On the specific project, can according to customer needs, configure personalized set up security system.

Before this, "hualong" number one fusion has experienced a thrown "suffering". Concrete manifestation in two nuclear power group in the choice set up security system. CGNPC insists on its own security scheme, USES is "3 series", namely the three sets of non active safety device. And the nucleus is still using the original "2 + 1" series, that is, 2 sets of active safety device plus a set of non active safety device.

"Hualong number one" landing will no doubt bring their "brothers" nuclear technology of panic, but relative to the AP1000 nuclear technology and its localization technology CAP1400 and CAP1700, "hualong" number one on the international market, the latter to promote the domestic market, both formed "one main and auxiliary" route of Chinas nuclear power development.

"Hualong" number one domestic target demonstration project - fuqing nuclear power plant (from the network)

Fuqing fuqing nuclear power station 】 【 nuclear power engineering is one of the important energy engineering in the construction of the national approval, located in central fujian fuqing city coastal xue village, three hills before planning six million kilowatt consists of two generation of advanced PWR nuclear power unit, implement a plan, continuous construction, with a total investment of nearly one hundred billion yuan. Unit 1 in November 2008 to start, for the first time this year on August 20, grid. Unit 2 is from the installation phase to commissioning phase transition, project completed and put into operation in August 2015; Unit 3 installation peak stage, the plan in February 2016 completed and put into operation; Unit 4 has been completed civil main body engineering, has entered the stage of installation, scheduled to be completed in March 2017, put into production. Unit 5, 6, actively promote the preparation, is reported for examination and approval. 6 units is expected to fully completed by the end of 2020, the total annual power generation of up to 45 billion KWH.

"Hualong" number one domestic target demonstration project - fangchenggang nuclear power plant (from the network)

Fangchenggang nuclear power plant is located in shen zhen fangchenggang nuclear power station 】 【 docklands light town about 8 km to the east slope of red sand Wan south optical ridge to crow, area of mountain hills and tidal flats. Nuclear power plant in ling ao nuclear power station for reference station, according to "image and improve the" methods of planning and construction capacity of six million kilowatt CPR1000 second generation advanced PWR, the first phase of construction of two CPR1000 second generation advanced PWR, project investment of about 27 billion yuan.

"Hualong number one" features:

On design innovation, "hualong, put forward the combination of active and non active safety design concept, using 177 fuel assemblies of the safety of the reactor core, multiple redundant system, single pile arrangement, double containment, comprehensive balance to carry out the design principle of defense in depth, set up perfect serious accident prevention and mitigation measures, etc.