Chinas first set of completely independent intellectual property rights nuclear power design and safety analysis software release

Release time:11/15/2021 5:27:20 AM

On December 21, 2015, the state power investment group co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as the "national electric cast) successful central institute released the first set of completely independent intellectual property rights of the nuclear power plant nuclear design and safety analysis software - COSINE, marks the key breakthrough in nuclear power software manufacture in China.

Meng Zhenping national electricity for general manager said at the meeting, to master nuclear power software technology is an important symbol of "the construction of nuclear power". COSINE software development and engineering application of greatly promoted nuclear power technology in China "independent research and development, independent design, construction," the ability to promote the continuous innovation of Chinas nuclear ability, solve the bottleneck problem is crucial for the development of nuclear power technology in China, to fill the domestic blank. COSINE software is the important tool of nuclear power standardized design, large-scale application in China, is Chinas nuclear power of "going out" strategy of important technical support, technical communication is also for the world counterparts contributions of important results. National electricity for looking forward to more customers at home and abroad to join in, are willing to use COSINE software support domestic peers of scientific research, teaching, design activities, support domestic nuclear power enterprises "going out" and nuclear power technology.

The release of the COSINE open beta, contains the thermal-hydraulic design and safety analysis, core physical design, design of fuel, shielding design and source term analysis, serious accident analysis, probabilistic safety analysis, heap in monte carlo, group of constant development, such as 8 categories of 15 software, covering more than 80. Had the pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant design and safety analysis of nuclear all core functions, and through the project pre-acceptance technology achievements. COSINE software overall performance and technical indicators reached international advanced level, some key technology reached the international leading level.

For change in China nuclear power design and safety analysis software mainly depends on the situation of foreign technology, breakthrough self-independence of nuclear power in China and international development of technical bottleneck, in May 2010, the state nuclear power technology corporation (hereinafter referred to as the national nuclear power) established in our country only a full-time nuclear nuclear technology center software, software development organizations - countries launched a COSINE r&d plan, pulled open the prelude to nuclear power software manufacture in China.

In 2011, the nuclear software center approved the construction of "national energy nuclear software key laboratory", is the only one in the nuclear power industry in our country at present is national key research and development in the field of nuclear power software platform. Countries nuclear software center as subject responsibility unit, led by implementing "nuclear power key design software and customized technology research" subject. For the past five years, the nuclear software center, in strict accordance with international standards, with professional management, together the national strength, developed with completely independent intellectual property rights, can be launched brand nuclear key core design of a complete set of software in China. Today, finally ushered in the domestic first set of domestic software release of COSINE.

COSINE software release, is Chinas three generations of a microcosm of self-independence of nuclear work. Since the company was founded in 2007, the national nuclear power to carry out national deeply about "the introduction of advanced technology, unified technical route, a high starting point to achieve nuclear power democracy" in Chinas major decision, in order to fill the blank of the nuclear power industry in China as main point, has carried on the strategic core industry layout, has obtained the remarkable result, basic formed a set research and development, engineering design, equipment manufacturing, engineering, nuclear power plant operation, operation management services for the integration of the three generations of nuclear power industry pattern, self-independence of three generations of nuclear power in China is gradually in the harvest season.

According to international experience, user groups for software verification and validation, and enhance the international reputation play an important role. COSINE User Group (COSINE User Group) is a common software products to build customer satisfaction for the purpose of connection important platform for software developers and users.

During the meeting, the central research institute and 13 from the design institute, research institutions, colleges and universities user unit signed the user agreement. At the same time, for the convenience of user group work, set up and released the COSINE user group platform, to provide users with software trial, technical support, resources sharing, the user center, online activities, etc. In addition, the central research institute and Shanghai nuclear engineering research and design institute signed a "COSINE software procurement agreement with nuclear countries nuclear demonstration power plant co., LTD., since the instrument system engineering co., LTD. Jointly signed the CAP1400 demonstration project ii simulator cooperative development tripartite agreement.

National energy bureau deputy director general of nuclear division and zeng, sasac fellow 峯 deputy director of the national nuclear safety administration Li Jigen, director of the ministry of industry and information technology Sun Wenlong director, the Beijing municipal science and technology commission yan resists the frost director to attend the meeting and delivered a speech. National ministry of science and technology, national defense industry bureau, Shanghai jiaotong university, xi an jiaotong university, north China electric power university, tsinghua university, ministry of nuclear and radiation safety center, CGNPC group, the nuclear group, and from the United States, Japan, South Korea, China Taiwan experts and from xinhua, Peoples Daily, China electric power news, financial magazines and other media reporters, a total of more than 150 guests to attend the meeting.

National electric cast Wei Suo deputy general manager, national nuclear power Zheng Mingguang Wang Zhongtang, general manager, deputy general manager to attend the meeting. The meeting shall be presided over by national electricity for the chief engineer wang junwork.

Source: Chinas nuclear power information network