Planning and market of new electricity to promote energy transformation

Release time:11/15/2021 5:24:58 AM

He Jijiang                                                          "China energy news"

Promote energy transformation is an important goal of the electric change plan, and the core of energy transformation based on renewable energy to replace fossil fuels. Released by 6 electricity to form a complete set of documents, attaches great importance to the plan as a whole and the market to guide the fusion of two kinds of governance path, its energy transformation.

Plan as a whole way of mainly embodied in the following aspects:

Renewable energy power generation. "Has distributed wind power, solar power users by power supply enterprises full specified amount to buy guaranteed, it is not to participate in market competition". "Included in the planning of wind, solar, biomass and other renewable energy power generation priority". In addition, across the province spanned by electricity in the state plan, local government protocol to send electricity generation priority, to ensure that clean energy is sent out.

"Priority to renewable energy power generation contract is negotiable." At the same time, the government also use administrative means clear, "revision of thermal power operation specification, improve the flexibility of peak-load regulation, for the given load of renewable energy to vacate space."

Market guide way mainly embodied in the following aspects:

Determine the distribution of electricity, open grid without discrimination. Popular saying is that wind power photovoltaic pay after Internet fee to the power grid company can sell directly to the customer. Now in the local market, the price of wind with a net charge has obvious appeal to customers, the eastern city of distributed photovoltaic power generation cost and Internet fee has been lower than commercial electricity during the day. At present, shenzhen and have distribution electricity price in Inner Mongolia, shenzhen make pv straight to have all the necessary conditions.

Has been clear about the goal of the construction of the spot market, to establish "found in the spot market prices, trading varieties complete, fully functional electric power market". Spot market could lead to the active power enterprises through real-time electricity price signal peak shaving, and for the implementation of demand side response mechanism foundation, optimization as a whole the entire network to adjust resource, effective in promoting renewable energy given, reduced the wind and discard.

Attaches great importance to the demand response. "Guide the supply side, demand side resources actively participate in the load frequency control, power balance protection", this will greatly increase the flexibility of grid resources, given strong volatility of the wind power photovoltaic (pv). Supporting documents also appeared for the first time the demand response resource data, "on the basis of the early stage of the pilot, demand response, participate in market competition, gradually formed accounted for about 3% of the largest electricity load demand side motor load capacity". In Beijing, for example, the total load nearly 19 million kilowatts, 3% is about 600000 kw, this is good news for the zhangjiakou wind power given. The 3% is great news.

Peak valley price gap. "Direct trading electricity peak valley electricity, should distinguish between the peak valley price, peak valley price ratio" should not be below the province peak valley price ratio, peak to valley gap promoted the use of energy storage, improves the given capacity of wind power photovoltaic (pv).

Distributed power can be set up sell electricity company. "With distributed power users can be engaged in the business market sell electricity", which can be "integration of the Internet, distributed generation, emerging technologies, such as the smart grid promote power producers and consumers to interact, to provide customers with intelligent integrated energy services", such sell electricity companies to provide clean electricity and value-added services, to be competitive in the market. Now sell electricity company minimum registered capital of 20 million yuan, this for a small company with distributed photovoltaic power generation assets, is a low barriers to entry, file and said "with distributed power or micro network users can sell electricity company agent 购售 electricity business", encouraging attitude is clear, but still need to wait for the parties shall be separately formulated the transaction documents.

The future of renewable energy can be self-provided power plant resources. File to encourage "to promote renewable energy to replace the self-provided power plant of coal-fired power generation". In the wind, light, water and other resources enrichment area, using market-based mechanisms to guide with self-provided power plant of coal enterprise to reduce spontaneous since the power consumption, increase the market purchasing power, gradually achieve renewable energy instead of coal-fired power generation.

Change the current electricity matching scheme for renewable energy given or plan as a whole is given priority to, market guide, as the pilot distribution electricity price from shenzhen and Inner Mongolia to the nation, with the spot market gradually formed, the time-sharing electricity and renewable energy quota system, under the support of market mechanism to promote renewable energy use will promote energy transformation has become the dominant way.

(the author), director of the energy Internet innovation policy research institute, tsinghua university