[exploring deep sea] the jiaolong basin full process exercise for the first time

Release time:11/15/2021 5:24:17 AM

China ocean news - "personnel on you!" "Submersible cloth away!" "Request to dive!" "Agreed to dive!" ...... On November 18 ~ 19, the jiaolong manned submersible experimental application voyage harbor basin all-around, whole process operation exercises, in Qingdao AoShan who deep base of the state.

A shipping dock before exercise, it is the first time for the jiaolong. According to the field commander chang-bin wu is introduced, the state oceanic administration leadership, the jiaolong experimental application work leading group of safety work, attached great importance to practice one of the purposes of this whole process, is to further verify the jiaolong and surface state of technical support system, perfect from the deck to the surface of the cloth and the operational procedures, the water recycling to deck out potential technology.

This exercise is for the first time after the completion of the deep base for offshore water exercise. Base in the planning of the deep sea basin is an underwater vehicle integrated Marine proving ground water experiment was carried out, the future will be weather information collection, acoustic communication positioning equipment, monitoring equipment to the Marine environment observation function test, etc. The drills in secure complete missions and carried out on the basis of basin environment based data survey, to provide more reasonable to use and protect the basin based data.

Involved in the dive pilot both Fu Wentao etc that performs the task of diving "veteran" for many times, and coupled with students Zhao Shengya such "boot". Chang-bin wu said that the purpose of the exercise of another, is the combination of exercise and members of on-the-job training work, by practical exercise in team, make the related personnel familiar with the operation process, improve the operation skills.

In the two days of practice, the jiaolong dive 3 times. Among them, 18, dive, dive twice on the 19th, the operation time is about 90 minutes, 180 minutes and 90 minutes. Three times a project including the jiaolong dive status authentication and equipment performance debugging, pilot students training, characteristics of observation and record, sediment sediment sampling, collection and formation water, etc.

"This basin practice completely according to the revised" the jiaolong experimental application system of safety management. From the dive, the whole operation process of coherent unobstructed, ontology and acoustic control system in good condition, the surface support system performance is stable, each post personnel to cooperate closely and complete each work." Chang-bin wu said.