[ocean star] The south China sea and the surrounding ocean international cooperation with fruitful results

Release time:11/15/2021 5:24:01 AM

China ocean news - 19s intergovernmental oceanographic cooperation documents signed, lead and implement 70 cooperation projects, in 68 a joint trip survey... Journalists held in Beijing on December 4, from the south China sea and its surrounding ocean international cooperation framework project leading group meeting understands, since the south China sea and its surrounding ocean international cooperation framework programme "(hereinafter referred to as the" framework "), the state oceanic administration actively promote Marine pragmatic cooperation with other countries, has made remarkable achievements.

Deputy director of the state oceanic administration Chen Lianzeng stressed at the meeting, the south China sea and the surrounding ocean international cooperation is to carry out the construction of the maritime silk road in the 21st century, to build Asia ocean partnership, promote regional Marine cooperation, the important measures to realize common development, is of great significance. "Framework", a large amount of real scientific research achievements, to enhance political mutual trust, stable relationship has made a positive contribution, also for five years in the future continue to promote pragmatic cooperation laid the foundation of deep ocean.

Chen Lianzeng said, with the deepening of the "area" strategy implementation, the south China sea and the surrounding ocean international cooperation puts forward new requirements and mission, hope that through our continuous efforts, to achieve national Marine areas and interlinked and policy is same. He stressed that the next step, should be about the target of the construction of the Marine power, associated with the world ocean countries to establish an omni-directional, multilevel and wide-range of partnership, continue to promote the construction of Marine areas cooperation platform, improve relevant ocean cooperation mechanism, provide strong support for "area" construction, contribute to service foreign general situation in our country.

It is reported, the state oceanic administration in January 2012 issued and implemented the framework programme, the aim is peace and development, win-win cooperation as the theme, strengthen policy dialogue between China and south China sea and the surrounding countries and personnel exchanges, deepen in Marine scientific research, Marine ecological environmental protection, climate change and Marine disaster prevention and reduction and Marine industries and blue pragmatic cooperation in the field of economy, etc.

The framework plan, the state oceanic administration through bilateral cooperation, overseas cooperation platform management committee, regional cooperation seminar, such as multifaceted cooperation mechanism, relying on the UNs intergovernmental oceanographic commission in the western Pacific and other international organizations, on lead launch and implementation of nearly 70 cooperation projects, attracting more than 150 foreign experts to participate in cooperation, jointly launched 68 joint voyage, held a conference on 34 times, in Marine research journals published 245 papers. Cooperation got the positive response of the south China sea and the surrounding countries, increased Chinas influence in the region, to promote the Marine partnerships, expand the development of the cause of the Marine space.

At the same time, China has with 15 important south China sea surrounding countries, Indian Ocean and the south Pacific countries signed 19s intergovernmental oceanographic cooperation documents. State oceanic administration has offered several countries ocean observatory instruments, sharing our country independently created waves - circulation coupling environment forecast system, Marine environmental forecast for the south China sea and the surrounding countries to provide public service, effectively promote the local social and economic development.

| author: zhao ning | source: the state oceanic administration