Nuclear fuel cycle start equipment

Release time:11/15/2021 5:23:36 AM

On November 22, Frances areva TN and Apollo machinery co., LTD., Shanghai yeohwa hotel in Shanghai held a nuclear fuel cycle equipment cooperation and dry storage container prototype construction strategic cooperation signing ceremony. Signing ceremony presided over by the Shanghai nuclear power office, the commission, the municipal government, China guangdong nuclear group, the nuclear group and China machinery industry federation and other related institutions leading experts attended the ceremony.

On the signing ceremony, Apollo Liu Jinqi chairman, said the cooperation with areva TN, will be the first to start full size metal used in the spent fuel dry storage tank project, the prototype to verify the Apollo can supply in terms of quality and safety products that meet the highest international standards. Apollos manufacturing system will ensure that the production of prototype complete agreement TN all areva technology process and specification requirements, and in the agreed upon period of time to schedule and prepare for the two sides jointly explore the market.

We have learned, in order to ensure the success of the project, areva TN pledged to provide support to Apollo and transfer of the relevant professional knowledge and skills, experience, including technical specifications, drawings, manufacturing guidelines and quality control documents, etc. So far, areva TN has provided more than 100 related to the Apollo detailed documentation, and manufacturing of senior experts have to Apollo.

According to Chinas long-term development of nuclear power, nuclear power installed capacity in China will reach 58 million to 2020 kw, the building of nuclear power will reach 30 million kilowatts, such a large nuclear power installed capacity in bring clean electricity at the same time, the spent fuel inventories also become a thorny issue. Is expected in 2020 Chinas nuclear power spent fuel accumulated quantity and need from the heap storage capacity will reach 7800 tons and 3500 tons of spent fuel reprocessing industry development is particularly important.

The spent fuel dry storage of successful localization of metal tank, will become China the first step in the field of nuclear fuel cycle equipment comprehensive localization, will help to build local manufacturing capability and development of supply chain in the field of fuel cycle especially backend. Local manufacturing with high reactivity and efficiency, it will be for post-processing according to Chinas overall recycling policy on transport and logistics requirements, develop middle dry storage technology provides great support and sustainability. Areva TN company is also committed to dry between the development of storage technology, will provide continuous support, to ensure that with Chinas overall nuclear fuel reprocessing better matching strategy, especially the transportability and fuel reprocessing plant can be back to take in the future. Based on co-operation in dry storage equipment manufacturing, areva TN and Apollo will further discuss other cooperation opportunity in the field of nuclear fuel cycle, together for China and the international nuclear power market to provide quality products, and actively support the Chinese government nuclear power of "going out" strategy.

To choose the cooperation with Apollo, areva TN global President Benoit FICHEFEUX says, this is areva for more than a year after a dozen times from hardware, technology, management and corporate development orientation and other aspects after inspection. Apollo has also said that the cooperation with areva, suggests that the Apollo in the field of nuclear fuel cycle and retired business, positive attitude and direction to the spent fuel storage framework and dry storage containers as the breakthrough point, in the field of spent fuel reprocessing and rushes out a new land.

In addition, Apollo and set up a joint institute of nuclear science and engineering of Shanghai jiaotong university advanced nuclear fuel cycle technology and equipment joint research and development center, to build up the center integrates product research and development and personnel training as one of the important platform.

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