[global] Israels water and water technology

Release time:11/15/2021 5:22:44 AM

Israel is located in the junction, Asian and European three continents is a semi-arid country, only a fresh water lake in kenai rhett lake (the sea of galilee, at the same time also ACTS as the countrys reservoir. A year is divided into Israel winter rainy season and the dry season in the summer. A serious shortage of natural rainfall, the annual average rainfall is not 10% of the total water consumption. Currently about 50% of the fresh water resources from the desalination, the sewage powerusageeffectiveness back up to more than 70%, this powerusageeffectiveness back is the highest in the world, are visible in the field of water reuse, Israel is doing very good. Israel recycling utilization of water resources, the worlds highest reached 75%, ahead of the second Spanish utilization rate of 12%; Israel created by drip irrigation technology, make the agricultural water use efficiency of more than 70%, the highest level in the world.