Nuclear power plant emergency robot

Release time:11/15/2021 5:09:34 AM

China Guangdong nuclear group research and development of the domestic first nuclear submarine micro miniature homework prototype debut in Chinas nuclear power industry exhibition, extensive concern to the industry and the public.

After Japans fukushima nuclear accident, used in nuclear power plant emergency accident treatment, daily check and maintenance of intelligent robot began to increasingly brought to the attention of the countries all over the world.

The submarine prototype is mainly controlled by the submarine ontology, umbilical cord line and shore box of three parts. Submarine body is equipped with four propeller, can realize the robot move forward, backward, up and down in the water, to the left and right movement; Installed front anti-radiation rear camera and wide Angle camera, can be fully observing underwater environment; Equipped with attitude measurement unit, sonar and depth gauge, underwater robot posture and underwater position can be determined; At the same time, the manipulator is installed, can to salvage the small foreign body in the pool.

Will be widely used in nuclear power plant reactor core, reactor pool, spent fuel pool and other foreign material search and salvage the underwater environment, as well as the reactor core components, and pools of defect inspection, to promote the emergency management and disposal level plays an important role.

Qingdao Pacific Ocean engineering co., LTD. Has the plant diving emergency response system, not only can the underwater environment construction operations, and emergency robot cannot solve the problem, my company can be satisfactorily resolved, such as underwater cutting, underwater welding, etc. Use nuclear diving construction, high safety coefficient, high efficiency, low maintenance cost.