High quality underwater construction, hard to model.

Release time:11/15/2021 5:58:14 AM

On August 13th, the party construction project summary meeting of the "Party members taking the lead in leading the vanguard to attack the wall in action" of the Tongzilin Hydropower Station of the Yalong River was held at the Tongzilin Construction Administration Bureau. At the meeting, Wangyuli was the representative of the Qingdao Pacific Underwater Science and Technology Party Branch. Summarized the speeches and reviewed the various stages and achievements of the party construction project since its inception.

Wangyuli made a summary report、
At the meeting, we first reviewed the process of joint attack. The project is related to the safety of the power station, the time is tight, the task is heavy, and the construction is faced with special
equipment, near-air water operations, and construction technology is difficult. In this context, on March 5th, the "Party members took the lead in taking the lead in attacking the wall in the action" joint attack was officially launched.
Joint attack officially launched
Qingdao Pacific underwater science and technology party branch condenses the strength, attacks the difficult. While doing a good job in underwater construction work, Chenyangjin, Secretary of the Party branch, gave a lecture on the construction site of the microparty class, analyzed and summarized the bright spots and shortcomings of the joint attack and key actions, and further unified their ideas and did a good job in stage work.
Party branch secretary Chenyang conducted a microparty lecture
Secondly, the results obtained were summarized. After the project team made unremitting efforts, it won the reinforcement of the guide wall and the construction of the sea man. Innovation promoted the work of the party organization and the construction of the party. At the same time, it also accumulated valuable experience for the future construction.
At the meeting, the Ertan Party Committee commended two party members, Yaoshusheng and Wangshaoshuang, and Comrade Yaoshu was awarded the honorary title of "attacking the difficult soldiers". Comrade Wangshaoshuang was awarded the honorary title of "dedicated dedication and exemplary soldiers". At the same time, he also praised the Haiman Construction Project Team. Zhudifa and Lu Xiangda received the award.
Zhudifa received an honorary certificate and a photo with Zhongweihua(left), Deputy Director of Tongzi Forest Construction Authority
It is a virtuous cycle to promote the development of projects with Party construction in order to enhance the value of Party construction. By constantly optimizing the "Party Construction + Construction" coordination work mechanism, we will improve the "Party Construction +" model for Party members projects. The party construction work and construction tasks are planned and deployed together, I believe that in the future construction of this model can make efficient progress.
Lu Xiangda received an honorary certificate and took a photo with Liminxi(left), Party Secretary of Ertan Power Plant

The joint attack was a complete success. The acceptance rate of the project was 100 %. All members of the project team clearly attacked the vanguards responsibilities and goals. They had faith in their hearts, responsibility on their shoulders, style of work, and action at their feet. It shows that the engineering person "does not forget the first time, does not care about the day and night, does not divide you and me, is not afraid of suffering, and is not afraid of challenges", and also promotes the spirit of Qingdao Pacific underwater technology "loyalty, Unity, and development".