Dont forget your first thoughts and remember your mission

Release time:11/15/2021 5:57:48 AM

In order to celebrate the 98th anniversary of the founding of the Party, the companys party branch organized the "July 1" event. On the afternoon of July 2, Liu Secretary, an old party member of Jimo, was invited to teach party classes. As an old party member, Secretary Liu first took everyone to review the development and recovery of the new China in the past 70 years, combining the partys theoretical knowledge with his own personal experience, and talked about it. Let all the employees feel that the theory of the Party is not only a theory, but also a lot of practical and objective analysis of the National conditions on the basis of formation and development. Lius secretary also contacted his many years of work experience and further illustrated that the partys theory is not a pile of words, but a summary, transformation, and sublimation of the actual situation in China and the partys struggle experience.
In the end, Secretary Liu put forward some rationalization suggestions to you with the "Chinese dream" as the entry point. Staff representatives Wangyuli, Dengchuanguang, Liu Hao, Donghonglong, and Songchong actively expressed their personal feelings and profound experience.

Secretary Lius speech
Address by Wangyuli
Address by Dengchuanguang
Liu Haos speech
Address by Donghonglong
Address by Songchong
Through this study, all participants have deepened their understanding of their own work, clarified the goal of self-development and defined the direction of personal development. They said that in the future study and work not only to be a good employee, a qualified party member, but also to make a contribution to the society, create value for the company.
All participants