China international energy cooperation has a long way

Release time:11/15/2021 5:42:33 AM

Energy is indispensable to the development of human society. Looking back to history, the energy of every discovery and updates, to promote the human society and the progress of civilization. The discovery of fire, let the modern age when human beings to eat birds and animals raw; The discovery of electricity, and improve the daily life of people, make energy into the social production, greatly improved the social productivity; Today, the discovery of new energy and application, to safeguard global energy security, improve the ecological environment play an important role.
Energy is the driving economic and social development of event. With the rapid development of economy, Chinas demand for energy is also gradually increasing. In 2009, China overtook the us as the worlds largest energy consumer. Sharp increase of energy consumption, make China more and more dependent on overseas markets, including foreign dependence of crude oil has risen sharply from 1.2% in 1996 to 58.6% in 2013, natural gas external dependency also has jumped from 2% in 2008 to 30% in 2013. In the worlds first big oil importing identity at the same time, China in the next five years will likely become the biggest in the world natural gas importer.
In todays economic globalization towards the deep, no country can tackle the countrys energy security issues independently. Energy security situation is becoming more and more serious, ecological environment brings the huge challenge, and the pressure of the economic transformation and upgrading, reversed transmission China vigorously promote energy international cooperation, realize the sustainable development of energy and power for the development of economy.
Data show that since become a net importer of oil for the first time in 1993, China has 33 countries around the world to perform more than 100 international oil and gas cooperation project, built in central Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the americas and Asia Pacific 5 big international oil and gas zone. In recent years, Chinese energy companies are also to speed up the pace of overseas development, make full use of the "two markets and two resources" to support enterprise development better. The traditional oil and gas, the electric power enterprise international cooperation projects, massive overseas m&a; Nuclear power has become the new business CARDS, high-profile "go out"; Emerging new energy enterprises, increase investment in overseas layout...
Energy technology progress, talent reserves rich gradually, also make the domestic energy increasing enterprise competitiveness, coupled with the advancement of "area" initiative, Chinese energy companies scale "sea" era is coming. In addition to international cooperation in the field of conventional energy, new energy and renewable energy industrys rapid development, also to the Chinese international energy cooperation provides a corner overtaking opportunities. The sustainable development of solar and wind power industry, let China is becoming the worlds largest investor in renewable energy.
In the field of international energy cooperation, China has made great progress, but there are still short. Nowadays, energy production and consumption in China is more and more dependent on the international market, heavily dependent on Middle East oil, natural gas is more and more dependent on Russia, central Asia and southeast Asia, etc. But at present, our country has not yet and these areas form effective multilateral cooperation mechanism, and free from the multilateral international energy agency, the situation in Chinas national interests.
To this end, China should be more actively involved in the regional and global multilateral energy management, at the same time of national energy security, as the new breakthrough in the global and regional affairs. This aspect has asked China to ascend in the international energy agency, the international energy BBS and the participation of international multilateral institutions, such as energy charter; On the other hand, should continue to deepen energy technology with the developed countries, personnel exchanges and cooperation in aspects of energy finance.
At the same time, Chinas energy enterprises "going out" model is also need to upgrade. From the energy trade, cooperation with the capacity to develop the local resources, to the development of deep processing business, Chinese enterprises still have a long way to go. Control of resources, technology is not enough, lead to the lack of pricing power in international energy market. In addition, the overseas mergers and acquisitions of Chinese energy companies is still in its infancy. In the future, these enterprises should play resources, technology, channels, market, storage and transportation of "combination", multi-angle strategies, expand areas of cooperation, from scale development to the longitudinal deepening, cultivates the overseas market, make the integration of industrial chain, real foothold in overseas.