There are still barriers to using PPP mode developing environmental protection industry

Release time:11/15/2021 5:41:56 AM

In recent years, the environmental problem has attracted many attentions of the public. Especially in the \"new environmental law\" and \"water ten\", but also become the focus of public opinion, the environmental protection industry is widely seen as the environmental protection industry in the national policy support, the good will usher in a golden period of development, become pull the driving force of economic growth in China. But now the industry is faced with financing, less profit difficult problems, and even some environmental protection enterprises are still in debt situation, how to make environmental protection enterprise out of the personage inside course of study topics of concern.
The PPP open environmental protection industry of new era
The current foreign many countries carry out the PPP project financing model, it also to attract social capital into the infrastructure field provides a new way. In promoting the PPP mode in our country, more emphasis on application in the field of environmental protection.
In the recently held the sixth global green economy wealth BBS on national environmental protection planning department chief priests Zhao Hualin said Chinas economic downturn this year, the central fiscal revenue, by the central government cant satisfy the funds needed for the environmental governance. So, will the PPP model is applied to the environmental protection industry, environmental protection market, open to more social capital inflows, for professionals to do professional things, for the government to break the barrier of the market, create conditions for the industry, it is the most fundamental starting point of environmental protection the PPP mode, it is an innovation for environmental protection industry.
As is known to all, after more than 30 years of reform and opening up, Chinas private capital have huge accumulation. If we can make more private capital into the environmental protection industry, environmental protection industry can not only alleviate the financing difficult problem, but also makes capital has made full use of.
The Zhao Hualin think the government should perfect the innovative financial tools. Government take the lead in contributive establish pools of environmental protection industry, not only requires lending speed, and lower than bank interest rates, so will attract the attention of many much-needed capital enterprise. At the same time to both the interests of stakeholders. In this way, the government grants in the pool will have the effect of adding leverage, the government spent 100 million yuan can lead to or local social capital inflows of $1 billion.
In addition, Zhao Hualin said at the meeting, the ministry recently try to establish national environmental protection fund, promoting capital use efficiency, but also will increase the rate of return on invested capital.
Relevant data show that the budget for environmental protection in China in 200 billion, during the twelfth five-year action plan for prevention and control of atmospheric pollution and the water pollution prevention plan of action required by the budget has been close to 8 trillion. It is estimated that in the future need tens of million or even 20 trillion to basically solve the task much starker choices-and graver consequences-in environment.
\"Without the PPP, no new financial instruments, there is no social capital into the field of environmental protection, will not accomplish much starker choices-and graver consequences-in task of environmental protection.\" Zhao Hualin said.
The PPP mode to promote long and resistance
Although the potential of the PPP model in the field of environmental protection by the public, but due to the lack of the understanding of environmental protection professional knowledge for a long time, coupled with environmental protection enterprise itself exists the situation of the valuation is not high, so that private capital inflows to form the obstacles.
Youngsters who CLP energy co., LTD., chairman of Beijing yun-feng bai said that the PPP model in the field of environmental protection in the promotion, can more attract private capital and foreign capital inflows, but now face a dilemma is a lot of money because they dont understand environmental protection technology, environmental protection team operation and the construction of a project is a lack of experience, feel hesitate to put their money. Most people only \"cheered dont hit\" of environmental protection industry.
Environmental protection environment of sarft, public finance and investment consulting Lu yuan hall also said publicly, deputy director of the environmental protection investment and financing in China is facing a major problem, is a large number of social capital and environmental protection requirements are difficult to fusion, the PPP of cooperation is not clear, the lack of a stable return on investment mechanism, the fairness of normative market is not strong, risk prevention mechanism, guiding mechanism is not sound, the problem of the limitation of make it hard for them to find a breakthrough point and fusion. Exactly where the problem is always bothering them.
To alleviate this situation, to promote environmental protection, the concrete measures of PPP Lu yuan also proposed his own view.
Should first build a return on investment mechanism. Improve the system of users pay, including some value, rights and interests of the approval and deal flow, etc., can form the cash flow, can form the project return on investment in the future. And set up unified and fair market environment. Through the market mechanism, including some bidding system is perfect, realize the construction of a fair market environment.
Secondly perfect social capital investment risk prevention mechanism. Including some homogeneity, the same type of project to be sufficient argumentation, avoid risks by competing in the future; Through the way of advancing the third party, provide consultation service for project implementation and risk identification.
Encourage financial service innovation environment again. Normalized channel building, the environmental protection of the PPP project to improve credit and improve the credit rating.
Finally strengthen the supervision and responsibility to implement, to establish the performance evaluation mechanism, for the compensation mechanism of social capital in the future to pay the impact performance measures or as an important aspect to consider.
In addition, the lack of talent reserve and obstacle restricting the development of environmental protection industry. \"A lot of environmental engineering specialty in colleges and universities to cultivate students not give priority to with engineering practice, but the need is not only to the environmental protection industry began to draw, and also a project, a research and development in the field of professional talent, but the lack of talents in this field at the present stage in China\" yun-feng bai said.
He believes that countries should increase support for environmental protection technology research and development, breaking the inherent system of scientific research. Encourage a line to shoulder the responsibility, technology promotion and development of state-owned enterprises and break rigid ideas only performance theory \", to try from the new technology of environmental protection enterprises and colleges and universities.