Hainan networking system power "long March 7" has gone through the roof

Release time:11/15/2021 5:40:14 AM

We have learned, national "long March 7" carrier rocket will in late June in hainan wenchang satellite launch center, "long March 7" carrier rocket launch is a satellite launch center launch mission for the first time, is also Chinas manned space engineering space laboratory four mission start wars, mission important, political influence is significant. According to the prediction of hainan power grid, rocket launch, 50000 kw power balance surplus of hainan province. If hainan networking system (cross-sea power network system), failure to halt the power supply will appear larger gap. Any equipment malfunction, trip, all may cause power grid frequency and voltage fluctuations, will not be able to meet the satellite launch to the higher requirement of the power supply quality.
Therefore, according to the southern power grid company regarding the "long march" seven missions to protect electrical work notice requirements, ultra high pressure to the company to reduce the southern power grid hainan networking system during the period of "7" long march carrier rocket launch implement super power supply, ensure the safe operation of the hainan networking systems, power "long March 7" has gone through the roof. The super confirmed the scope of the power supply is: terminal substation 500 kv fushan, Lin poetry island, nanling terminal station, xuwen high station; 500 kv port lines and stations station power lines.
South net ehv company attaches great importance to the power supply protection, June 15 to 19, notice, issued power supply scheme, working manuals preparation, to carry out the personnel and responsibility, formulated the confirmed schedule detailed list, the various phases of the power supply for 500 kv f port line operation maintenance and related equipment. At present, the completed related power transmission and transformation equipment defects and hidden, as of June 22, a total of 24 flaw and screening out the hidden dangers, by way of assessment are not affect power supply protection. Confirmed during the power supply, staff in addition to the daily equipment patrol, infrared measuring temperature a substation equipment, daily increasing defects and hidden equipment patrol number; Flood control and hazard points on transmission line, the key section to strengthen monitoring, in particular to strengthen the submarine cable routing monitoring, timely detection and disposal of ships anchored events, ensuring the security of the submarine cable. At the same time improve the emergency preparedness, improve emergency response speed.
It is reported, 500 kv interconnection in hainan is the first in Asia, the worlds second ultrahigh pressure, long distance, large capacity of cross-sea power network project, was completed put into operation in June 2009, the end of the power in hainan island history, improve the security of the hainan power grid operation stability, effectively solve the hainan power grid "big machine small net" prominent contradictions, especially in the ease of hainan province power supply tension, resist powerful typhoon bad weather, such as improving the quality of electricity, to provide emergency, enhancing the utilization, promote energy conservation and emissions reduction etc to play an important role in becoming, for maintaining the momentum of strong economic growth and international tourism in hainan island construction provides a strong support.
Hainan networking engineering including land line and submarine cables of two parts, 31 kilometers long, submarine cable line total length of 171.9 kilometers, the design capacity of 600000 kilowatts. 500 kv cable run the greatest risk is always connected to the Internet engineering, maintenance, the core equipment of the most difficult. To ensure the safe operation of the "lifeline" of the sea, and no mature experience for reference both at home and abroad, under the condition of ultrahigh pressure company grasped the nettle and actively explore the submarine cable operations mode, established a perfect comprehensive guarantee the safe operation of the cable system, including legal protection, the linkage mechanism, the routing 14 links such as monitoring, emergency management, to ensure the continued safe operation of the submarine cable operations. "Twelfth five-year" period, the success against 16 times more than 8 tropical storm, typhoon, the provincial government called "lifeline" and "anchored".