The JIAOLONG to complete the last two times this segment to diving

Release time:11/15/2021 5:38:01 AM

This is a preliminary translation, for reference only.
On May 20 and 22, are performing 2016 experimental application voyage (China ocean voyage 37) task the jiaolong manned submersibles, and yapese trench in the Pacific northwest successfully completed this segment 12th and 13th descend task (total 112 times, 113 times). At this point, this segment descend all task is completed.
On May 20, the jiaolong successfully completed this segment is the 12th time diving. The potential maximum depth of 6351 meters, is the jiaolong since 7000 meters to sea level, continuous deep diving for the first time, fully verified its technical state of stability and reliability.
The latent time dive site is located in the west side of the Pacific northwest and yapese trench walls, diving personnel for pilot Fu Wentao, pilot cadets Yang Yifan and the second researcher at the institute of Marine wang the state oceanic administration. This time was carried out by about 2 km near the bottom of the navigation, took lots of underwater high-definition video photos data; Obtained 4 piece of serpentinization olive intermediated-acidic samples, 6 tube short columnar sediment samples and 2 large benthic intubation (sea cucumber, scaliness insect each one), 16 liters near bottom water samples, and close to the bottom more environmental parameters, also conducted pilot cadets sea boat main driving training.
The diving found that 6000 meters to 6300 meters water depth section mainly for sediment distribution, sediment viscosity is larger, distribution of peridotite, 6350 meters to see a large number of stone forest; The depth of shrimp, scaliness, starfish as dominant species. Comprehensive nearly four latent time found that trench obvious regional biological zonal distribution in 6000 meters to shallow sea MianHe corals have a small amount of distribution, 6000 meters deep almost extinct; Fish, shrimp, jellyfish, scaliness, swimming creatures such as sea cucumber with wider range of the depth of the water distribution.
On May 22, the jiaolong successful completion of this segment in yapese trench seas 13th descend. The latent time diving locations on the east side and yapese trench trench wall, maximum depth of 6579 meters, diving personnel for pilot Tang Jialing, pilot cadets rita and the second Marine research institute assistant researcher ya-dong zhou state oceanic administration.
The diving has carried out more than 1 km near the bottom of sailing, took lots of underwater high-definition video photos data; Get 5 pieces of typical rock samples, 4 tube short columnar sediment intubation, starfish, 16 liters near bottom water samples, and close to the bottom environment parameters; Conducted pilot cadets sea boat main driving training.
"Compared with yapese trench trench wall on the west side, on the east side walls of sediment obviously thicker, base is more soft, the surface is porous, the corrosion condition of the rock looks serious, but the basic biological type or have certain similarities." In the west side of trench wall also been diving Tang Jialing said.
"In this area, small white decapoda biological and sea is relatively common, large benthic crustaceans and echinoderms primarily." Ya-dong zhou said that white decapoda biological distribution density is higher, embodies the food source is rich, the region after hydrothermal mouth also found that white decapoda biological high density distribution.
As the latent time ends, the jiaolong experimental application voyage in 2016, 37 in China ocean voyage) end of the first segment all descend task smoothly. As planned, the team will be on the end of the sea area of all the tasks on the 23rd.