Chinas development Nuclear grade high resolution underwater radiation resistant camera system

Release time:11/15/2021 5:33:36 AM

Xinhuanet news on January 17, chengdu unique radiation shielding technology, can rotate 360 degrees without blind area in horizontal direction, even in the 100 meters underwater work is still stable and reliable... The photoelectric technology developed by research institute of Chinese academy of sciences (nuclear grade underwater radiation resistant high resolution camera system, the recent successful application in the domestic each big nuclear power base. This marks a break the foreign monopoly in the sector in our country, really realize the \"made in China\".

Previously, the domestic nuclear power base underwater monitoring equipment procurement of foreign products. Photovoltaic technology, Chinese academy of sciences institute of microelectronics equipment laboratory, deputy director of the general von often said that the system by which the researchers spent two years to independent research and development, specially in the nuclear environment applications, since 2015, has been widely applied in nuclear power base in China.

The reporter understands, this high resolution radiation resistant camera system IOE - CPR - M unique radiation shielding technology, can be in 5000 gy/h dose rate under the condition of stable work 100 hours. At the same time, by using high performance image sensor, the resolution of 2 million pixels, can output 1080 p hd video, in precision and is driven by motor under any speed can capture the image without jitter.

\"The system can enhance the security of nuclear fuel operation, ensure the long-term safe operation of the fuel assembly into the heap after.\" Feng often said, for example, as in a nuclear power plant overhaul core refueling process, can be all-round monitoring underwater fuel assembly operations, to ensure that the fuel right in place; And the nuclear fuel components are special underwater high-definition appearance inspection and measurement, understand the operation condition of the fuel assembly. In addition, but also to the nuclear power plant spent fuel pool and core components for final inspection, to ensure that the fuel assemblies loaded correctly.

Domestic nuclear experts to this set of system in the overhaul of the nuclear power base in Chinas high performance, high reliability, high stability performance, consistent affirmation is put forward.