A third must formally approved kilowatt hydropower station in our country

Release time:11/15/2021 5:28:26 AM

China water conservancy website on December 24 (reporter Gao Lihong) on December 16, executive meeting examined and approved by the state council, to have been included in the relevant national planning, has the construction conditions of the jinsha river east hydroelectric project approval. This is the xiluodu and xiangjiaba hydropower station were completed and put into operation, an important milestone in the lower reaches of the jinsha river hydropower development, marked the three gorges corporation for the construction of the third "three gorges" has formally entered the main project construction phase.

Wu east hydropower station is located in luquan county of yunnan province and sichuan province east county border on the downstream of jinsha river, the reservoir normal level of 975 meters, the total capacity of 7.408 billion cubic meters. Power station dam crest elevation 988 meters, the dam height of 270 meters. Power plant installation 12 sets of single capacity of 850000 kilowatts of hydroelectric generating set, installed capacity of 10.2 million kilowatts, annual output of 38.91 billion KWH. Power plant construction in yunnan and sichuan provinces, (state) 10 counties (districts), need to move a population of 31000 people. Dynamic wu east hydropower project with a total investment of more than 1000 one hundred million yuan.

Wu is at present our country has the approval of the construction of the east German hydropower station, worlds third largest hydropower station has been built and the seventh largest hydropower station under construction, is our country to build a well-off society in an all-round way to runoff stage first tens of mw hydropower project construction. It is our country to carry out the strategy of "China" the backbone of the power supply, is to promote the structural adjustment of national energy, energy conservation and emissions reduction of major clean energy projects, is to promote the western economic rise and regional economic and social development of major basic engineering.

Jinsha river lower reach four cascade hydropower stations (east Germany, crane beach, xiluodu and xiangjiaba) are authorized by the state of the three gorges project corporation is responsible for the development and construction, total is 46.46 million kw, equivalent to two of the three gorges power station installed capacity. East German hydropower development task is given priority to with power generation, flood control, shipping, and give attention to two or morethings to promote local economic and social development, the comprehensive benefit is remarkable, the plan in August 2020, the first batch of generating units, is expected to begin in December 2021, all units to produce electricity. Wu east hydropower station after the completion of transmission, east China, central China and guangdong grid can save BiaoMei about 12.2 million tons a year, at the same time can reduce the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide 30.5 million tons, 104000 tons of sulfur dioxide, remarkable environmental benefits, conducive to the formulation of the action to reduce emissions by 2020.

Three gorges group chairman, party secretary Lu Chun said, east the comprehensive construction of the principal part of the project of hydropower stations, the republic of steady economic growth, adjust energy structure, energy conservation and emission reduction, construction of the Yangtze river economic belt and the coordinated development of regional economy, especially the vast number of immigrants in the western areas people share the achievements of economic development, to further consolidate the Chinese water and electricity in the worlds leading position in the field of water and electricity, has important and far-reaching significance. Three gorges corporation will earnestly implement the "innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing" concept of development, adhere to engineering, to the country and the peoples highly responsible attitude and scientific rigorous style of work, high quality complete east hydropower project development and construction tasks, in "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" at the end of 2020 and put into production power generation on schedule, contribute to build a well-off society in an all-round way goals.

It is understood that since the 1950 s, the state of the east German survey of hydropower planning and design has carried out a lot of work. Studies show that meteorological and hydrological conditions clearly, wu east hydropower station engineering geological condition is good, external transportation scheme has been implemented, the construction condition is superior; Design engineering scale and the main structures of the technical difficulties are within the domestic existing technical level; Current engineering scale and layout of the hubs have been identified, the key technical problems have been implemented, there is no major technical problems restricting the construction of engineering, there is no significant environmental factors. Wu hydropower station east German better technical and economic indicators, huge comprehensive benefits, engineering construction to improve the energy structure in our country, achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction, promote the development of western regions, stimulating local economic development plays an important role.

Since 2002, the state council explicitly in the three gorges hydropower station group company for the east Germany since the project owner, the three gorges corporation inheritance and jinsha river three gorges project of the construction of the xiangjiaba and xiluodu project management experience, adhere to the project legal person responsibility system as the center of the bidding system, contract management and construction supervision, and adhere to the "build a power station, drive the economy, improve the environment, the benefit of a batch of immigrants, build a harmonious" hydropower development concept, in accordance with the "standardized, orderly, harmonious and healthy" requirements, the organization should start more than a decade of scientific research, survey and design work, completed in 2010 "jinsha river wu preliminary feasibility study report of east hydropower station" and through the national examination. Since 2011, the three gorges group company strictly abide by the national major infrastructure program, after five years of careful preparation, made wu east hydropower station construction in accordance with the procedures and approval, subject power plant project has the comprehensive construction.

Wu east hydropower station area lags behind economic and social development. Wu east hydropower station project investment is large, can pull the regional development of related industry, new job opportunities, improve the engineering area transportation conditions. During construction can increase the number of jobs per year on average about 70000 people. Power plant, after the power of the local finance income of about 1.35 billion yuan a year. Wu east hydropower station in accordance with local construction on the development of the society and its causes, social engineering degree is higher, helps to promote local new rural and the development of new industrialization, promote the local economic and social sustainable development.

National research institute, tsinghua university, dean of professor hu angang to wu east German engineering field research thinks, after the approval of the state council of the east German hydropower station, is a typical investment effectively, and a green investment. It can expand the effective investment demand, directly driving the development of relevant industries, will further promote the implementation of our country in 2020, non-fossil energy accounted for 15% of primary energy consumption ratio, help realize green development. Like wu east the huge public works a cluster innovation, it brought about by the social and economic value, create positive externalities is much larger than most people think. Wu east dam will be a huge public hydropower project cluster innovation and development of the new model, will become a landmark project green industrial revolution.

Lu Chun pointed out that the construction of the three gorges project, the development of the Yangtze river is the glorious mission of the party and the state gives three gorges group, carefully organize construction good wu east Germany is the sacred duty of three gorges hydropower station. The contractors and the builder will earnestly implement the innovation, the coordination, the development of green, open, sharing ideas, always put the quality and safety in the first place, to see wu east hydropower station construction to become the worlds high-quality goods project in the field of hydropower, promoting the development of the western region to speed up harmonious engineering, clean "two DAMS built with" clean engineering.

Source: China water conservancy website on December 24, 2015