Member of both houses Pan Jiazheng : Half a century hydropower search path

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In the qiantang river hydropower survey from 1950 to participate in the work, in 1980 was elected as the member of Chinese academy of sciences, 1990, was elected to the Chinese academy of engineering, and in 2012 received Chinas highest honor, engineering in bed guanghua engineering science achievement award, foreign reports on the way of scientific research trials and hardships, more than half a century have made great contribution for our country.

Water conservancy and hydropower projects, the famous Chinese experts, civil engineers, member of Chinese academy of sciences, Chinese academy of engineering, science fiction writers. Shaoxing, zhejiang province. In August 1950, graduated from zhejiang university majoring in civil engineering, the qiantang river hydropower survey place to work. 1954 years later, the former Shanghai twelve hydropower survey design, water and electricity department bureau survey design engineer, design planning bureau deputy chief engineer, chief engineer, water and electricity department and so on. 1979 years later, the former ministry of water and electricity bureau deputy chief engineer, water resources and hydropower planning and design institute, water resources and hydropower construction corporation chief engineer, water conservancy power division chief engineer, chief engineer department of water and electricity. 1993 years later, the former ministry of technical advisers, the Yangtze river three gorges corporation, China academy of engineering, director of the technical committee, the state power company, vice President of the consultant, a senior adviser to state grid corporation and so on. Served as the state council degree committee, Chinas dam, chairman of the committee and the state council three gorges project quality inspection team, the south-to-north water transfer project construction committee, director of the expert committee of the state council, tsinghua university, professor, doctoral tutor. Eighth, ninth session of the national committee of CPPCC.

"After get married first love"

Foreign reports was born in 1927 in shaoxing, zhejiang province a decaying scholarly family. After the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War, when read aloud to the fifth grade fled with his family, and fled, intermittent finished elementary school, and at the end of the drift from place to place in 2 degree high school career, in 1942, the Japanese attacked in the east.

In 1944, foreign reports followed his father to Shang Pu town (now shangyu county) nine lotus temple, Yu Shun secretary Yang middle school (documents), after half a year to Shang Pu town center elementary school when a primary school teacher, has since been taught at ideas in zhu, has paid the school. The fire spread, the Japanese bullying. In foreign reports thought like this in the school when the monkey Wang Du this life, the victory of the Anti-Japanese War in 1945 brought him the turning point of fate. Before long, he took part in the "secondary school students occupied region screening test", self-taught exam qualification of high school.

Summer vacation in 1946, foreign reports to enter oneself for an examination, zhejiang university, hangzhou have been like to read books, love literature, then do not hesitate to fill in the Chinese to enter oneself for an examination of the words, only to attract endured the suffering of the literatis father flew into a rage and a good scolding. To study the recruit students general rules on "real" department, foreign reports to the department of aerospace engineering, want to be able to do a plane designer. But in the summer of next year, he saw an leave the aviation accident in the newspaper, commit suicide by hanging suicide news Dr Feel aviation job prospects, to save his job, he turned to the civil engineering department.

University life is very calm for foreign reports, in fact not much reading, and a senior this year his response to the partys call to support war of liberation zhoushan and graduated a year early. Though learning time is very tight, but he had had for so many years, formed the good habit of self-learning, so still can sail in this unrest havoc knowledge. And zhejiang university teacher assemble, rigorous style of study is not random, teacher interview, inculcation, this not only gives the foreign reports knowledge, but also taught him in the future in work, study, think and even human reason.

In 1950, graduated from university of foreign reports, family situation and economic pressure, he cant like students to fly to far into the tide of construction of the Peoples Republic of China. Teacher makes money when professor introduced foreign reports to the qiantang river hydropower survey.

Foreign reports originally to survey for this place is only their job "transfer station", shows his erroneously, since then has been wedded with water and electricity, 50 years on the road trials and hardships! As foreign reports himself said: "I am a love of hydropower cause, but it is a great historical trend put me on the road, after I married and hydropower is first love ."

Self-taught have tips

Foreign reports very much interested in mathematics, as early as nine lotus temple began studying ancient arithmetic. Live in the occupied areas have learn some algebra, geometry, but at that time the biggest difficulty is to find books for self-study, fortunately he co-founded to open a bookstore, selective in the acquisition of used books, finally found high school plane geometry, analytic geometry and algebra each one, in addition to get some books about the history of mathematics, which makes foreign reports addictions.

From these books, he learned that there was a science called calculus. But as for the calculus is what thing, he is still a mystery, so big itch in the heart, want to study. After a search, foreign reports in a pile of waste paper of the old bookstore find some mutilated the mathematical essence of aggregates, seems to kangxi emperor royal bun king James. So the book contains calculus (or called "flow" in the book) content, reason caused him great enthusiasm and interest, whenever night tirelessly studying hard. But the book written by ancient prose, not only and not a foreign word, so despite his head hang beam, the awl stab, still cant make clear the concept of differential and integral calculus. In the end things will mend car, when he is going to give up trying, and in the old bookstore for a copy of the original "Calculus dissuade the for beginners" book. Calculus dissuade the Calculus, combined with the writing very easily understood, so foreign reports hope again, use an english-chinese dictionary on bit by bit. And he made a table, such as yao = x = y, etc. So, when he was not admitted to the university, has self-study to the degree of "form integral".

In zhejiang university, because the environment of fashion, foreign reports, in fact, not how much knowledge learned from the class, many of them are on it in the later work with pain for a pleasure, hard, hard self-study.

Since 1950, the foreign reports in the fuel industry survey of qiantang river hydropower spent a memorable years years, gradually stepped into the door of hydropower development. The then director of the Xu Qia when carries on the comprehensive training, from tracing paper figure, water temperature, both inside and outside, measure the inside and outside until documents, print and convey, legendary weapons of China practice, both plate is trained.

Survey the department has many engineers have eaten the bread "- to the United States bureau of reclamation practice, when back home with one thousand ways to collect to the technical data. But because of the "old church disciple will starve to death, his master" thoughts of bondage, experts have data are regarded as heavens library features, so foreign reports can only see some general information of insurance density is not high, also can only use one of the few opportunities targeted. This is he has developed very fast scan speed, and see the main principles, criteria and methods in the browse, and according to the basic principle and method to calculate the data, compile icon. Because he is often late at night in the dormitory computation, with "eight to meter" simultaneous equation, that myopic degree and an increase of 200 degrees.

Pay will have return, such hard work made him both learning and know the why, even find some foreigners omission). Found in the bureau of reclamation Technical Memorandum (hereinafter referred to as T.M.) information, he will know, not only intensive reading all the data, and has made the detailed record and reviewed in this paper, the hydropower technology for him knocking the door, love this industry has played a huge role. So hungry spotted in surveying the foreign reports, diligently study, advanced mathematics and mechanics knowledge, and theory of book knowledge combined with the actual engineering application, timely feedback, thinking, summary, gradually formed its own unique solid design thought and theory.

1953 yellow altar port engineering construction, from the west mountain landslides and floods data shortage and make up a missed lesson forced shutdown, turn to the next new dam section design, the landslide stability analysis and the analysis of hydrological unit line and flow theory, foreign reports accumulate engineering experience, lessons, and finish as the study of slope deflection equations of deflection of the truss geometry number method "and so on more than technical papers, came to prominence in the domestic water and electricity.

Repeated success monument

Go to Beijing in 1954, foreign reports FengDiao hydroelectric power administration, then President of Shanghai hydro power design institute technician, deputy chief engineer, team leader engineer, design engineer, etc.

In keep up with the pace of the new China hydropower enterprise vigorous development, foreign reports take the initiative to do academic lectures in hospital, teach them to fish, teaching structure mechanics and analysis of hydraulic structure, cultivating young backbone. After editing and publishing these notes are for stress analysis of hydraulic structures, a set of well promoted the hydraulic structure design level in our country.

In 1956, foreign reports designed Chinas first flow streams and thin arch dam crest spillway, created a precedent of thin arch dam construction in China. , meanwhile, he overcame all the experts questioned the flood of new technology, led the design team comrades positive complex dam stress analysis, and put forward for the first time and solve the problem of jetty head stability analysis and dam body cooling, and a series of issues; Arch dam crest overflow of dynamic and static stress analysis method is proposed to organize the arch dam vibration test for the first time in our country, made the first successful completion hyperbolic arch dam 78 m high.

Late in engineering, he led and participated in the study, the simplified stress analysis of arch dam and academic conference in the sino-soviet towards the four water flow springs several main problems in the design of arch dam are presented in the weighty papers, got the experts consistent high praise.

Next, with foreign reports involved in the engineering design of hydropower station to repair of hainan east, argued that adopts the scheme of tail water arch dam, but after persuaded the design institute, led by the Soviet union experts a veto, stillborn.

In August 1957, he served as deputy chief engineer, xin an river hydropower station design soon as design engineer. Xin an river design representatives to the 1958 site design team, transfer the design work to the field. Three years project construction time, the changes of political and economic situation, as mainland China during the battle, instead of a foreign reports when labor model, to take on, but have been set aside for anti-party right opportunism of the molecules. Wore a "white hat", he didnt feel injustice, often write some doggerel the comfort. This three years, his field, the master design and construction technology of the engineering work, change the original design entity gravity dam to creatively wide seam gravity dam, and smoke exhaust measures are adopted to decrease the dam foundation uplift pressure, greatly reduce the dam construction. He is good at summarizing the correct ideas and scientific reasoning, has adopted a large bottom hole within the dam diversion, tension plate flow overflow workshop and other advanced technology. Visited the power station construction site, premier zhou enlai in 1959 had written "for our country the first design and the victory of the homemade equipment of large hydropower station construction and cheers!" The inscription. Xin an river hydropower station, the basic completion of the first monument to set up the new China and hydropower, and its successful application in practice, makes the joint gravity dam also gradually developed into a dam that is widely used in domestic.

Next, with foreign reports took part in the mouth of the Yangtze river north tidal power station, the huangpu river stopped Jiang Da brake, feiyun Jiang Shanxi, nine streams in the cascade hydropower stations, the qiantang river, fuchunjiang, seven for tidal power station Long hydropower station, sha river hydropower station in hunan province town of engineering design planning and scientific research, kam screen in 1965 to the yalong river hydropower station design. During which he has published over 30 papers, and published the calculation of hydraulic structure design and calculation of the gravity dam and other academic works, opened up the golden age of his career.

In the process of construction of the three gorges project, its outstanding foreign reports. Because the construction of the three gorges project to solve the problem of the Yangtze river flood, but each year to 84 billion KWH continuously to east China, central China, south China, can make the Yangtze river to become a real gold waterway, so the generation after generation of the three gorges unrequited love. At the same time, because the construction of the three gorges project involves submerged, and because of the huge engineering investment, long construction period, there is a potential problem, ecological vegetation destruction emerged again so wave after wave of opponents of the three gorges. So, foreign reports for which the pressure and difficulties.

Foreign reports said: "to build a project, must be willing to die for the people. If the three gorges project need some dedicated, I will not hesitate to sign up first. I am willing to give their body is cast in the three gorges dam forever, let my soul in a morning twilight, to the singing of the hydro-generator, to meet the ten thousand tons of fleet, until the lucky."

Liberal arts and into the master

Foreign reports, was born in a rundown of the scholarly family. Grandfather by qing dynasty scholar, full read now, because I follow the taiping rebels after martyrdom in nanjing. A father, grandfather in adulthood at nanjing, of course, the desire to burst, but accidentally learned many anecdotes kingdom. Returning home he academic and ancient prose, devoted to staying in the opening, leaving many manuscripts. Foreign reports was born shortly after his grandfather was dead, but his grandfather left abundant manuscripts and books enrich his childhood, become a treasure of his childhood. Pan Fu new old learning alternation of the qing dynasty, under the dual influence of old education and the school. The education department of southeast university after graduation, he served in the zhejiang province education department, the new middle school teacher after the war of resistance, endured hardship. Father himself had a set of education copied to the son, "rod head the son" approach, unusually stern. Foreign reports once quipped: "my mind some knowledge of ancient Chinese, is he good head to play in." Foreign reports brought up by her grandmother, grandmother is illiterate, but it is a real "folk literature expert". Foreign reports crying, my grandmother to stay in your arms, shake, while singing folk songs. After foreign reports sensible, grandma and teach him guessing. In this way, under the enlightenment of his grandmother, foreign reports is planted young mind like roots of poetry.

Even in the Anti-Japanese War broke out, shuddering s, young foreign reports still immersed in literature and the unique character system in China. He was obsessed with western chamber "blue skies, chrysanthemum, west wind tight, north south wild goose" wonderful, did jasmine as beauties and the fun to play. Although after become a famous hydroelectric experts, but still sentimentally attached to youth literature hobby, become the literature of hydropower industry.

Foreign reports often hand over book everywhere, often to old bookstore drill to scour the book. Xin an river construction put on "white hat", he wrote poems with spiritual solace. He will be all the joys and sorrows in a poetry article, successively have "the xin an river zhuzhi poems as basic data, the queens dream" "block mountain room novel poetry anthologies, and so on. Facing the turbulent river, to change the political:

Die yuan know everything is empty But grief east xd no losses

Sands treasure start date Symbol of remembrance to gone weng

In addition to verses, foreign reports also keen popularisation. His many science fiction to science morality as the theme, pay attention to the development of science and technology and social development in sync. Has published one thousand years ago in the murder, the century merit words dam "steal a thief in the brain and other science fiction, among them, the" century merit words dam "in the first" Newton - scientific World Cup science book award awards won "top ten popular science books" award, "to steal a thief in the brain" won the fourth prize of national excellent science works "the first prize. That is the so-called KePuJie masters of water and electricity, water and electricity of world literature.

From 1950 in the ministry of fuel industry qiantang river hydropower survey to participate in the work, in 1980 was elected as the member of Chinese academy of sciences, 1990, was elected to the Chinese academy of engineering, and in 2012 received Chinas highest honor, engineering in bed guanghua engineering science achievement award, foreign reports trials and hardships on the way of scientific research, more than half a century have made great contribution for our country.

(the author ZhangSiJie China water conservancy and hydropower press planning editing, ning pass new Chinese hydropower engineering society (engineer)