The 2nd International Annual Nuclear Plant Operation & Maintenance Conference

Release time:11/15/2021 5:16:51 AM

The 2nd International Annual Nuclear Plant Operation & Maintenance Conference(INPOM2015) was successfully held in Shanghai China from Sep.16 to Sep.17,2015. It was hosted by  Shanghai Municipal Nuclear Power Office, organized by INNCH International, endorsed by CNNO,CNOC and PFCE.


Mr. WU Lei, deputy director of SHEITC and Mr. WEI Ping, director of Shanghai Municipal Nuclear Power Office were invited to the conference and made remarks.


During the meeting, Mr. SHan Yuzhu, general manager of Qingdao Pacific Oceaneering Co., Ltd.director of industry Dept. of Shanghai Municipal Nuclear Power Office Mr. GU Yinxiang, assistant GM of CNOC Mr. QIN Yuxin, assistant GM of CNNO Mr. LIU Chongdu, Senior VP outage and maintenance services of Bruce Power Mr. Brian SMYTH, party secretary and deputy GM of Yangjiang Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. Mr.YIN Xiong, China Project Manager of EDF Mr. Guillaume BILLION, director of business development, nuclear plants& major projects-China of Westinghouse Electric Company Mr. QIAN Ting, GM of AREVA(China) Nuclear Services Co., Ltd. Mr. Reynald HAZARD ,expert of SNPTC Mr.DOU Yikang, Chief Engineer of Reactor Core Design Dept. of SNERDI Ms. ZHANG Qinfang,  GM of overseas nuclear power business Dept. of KEPCO KPS Mr. Minsik PACK, senior engineer of the Nuclear Power Institute of China Mr. DUAN Yongqiang were invited to make a speech on the first day of the main conference.


According to organizing committee ,400 delegates from 200 enterprises and 20 countries attended the two days’ conference(one day main conference and one day seven parallel sessions) with more than 60 professional speeches, and the largest number of delegations ever. The meeting also attracted robust discussion and highest attention.


Qingdao Pacific Ocean engineering Co., LTD., (QPOC) Founded in 1992, The Diving Industry Leading Enterprises. Specialized is Engaged in the NPP Maintenance. Underwater Work Locations: Spent Fuel Pools, Fuel Building and Containment Buildings, Refueling Water Storage Auxillary Primary Make Up Water Tanks. Underwater Tasks: Underwater Inspection, Underwater Welding and Cutting, Diver delivered solution in lieu of Remote Tooling, Underwater Coatings, Underwater Vacuuming and Cleaning, Equipment Volume Reduction and Packaging Etc.