Qingdao Pacific Underwater Technology Engineering Co. Ltd.. Congratulations to all employees happy Mid-Autumn Festival, happy family!

Release time:11/15/2021 5:58:47 AM

In this autumn wind sent cool, Golden fragrance day, accompanied by the moon cakes of the Mid-Autumn Festival fragrance, lively Mid-Autumn Festival opened the curtain.
The company Union sends its full benefits to every employee.
There are moon cakes, peanut oil, rice, fruit pears, meat gift boxes, beer, salted duck eggs, milk. Each piece is the company carefully selected fine gifts.
Due to the need to repair and repair facilities such as National water Conservancy dams, offshore oil platforms, and nuclear power plants, employees of the companys department are working outside and sticking to their posts. Unable to reunite with their families, the company specially organized a special car to send gifts to each employees home, so that each employees family feel the warmth of the Qingdao Pacific family.

Union benefits warm workers hearts

Qingdao Pacific Underwater Technology Engineering Co. Ltd. is the leading underwater engineering service company in China. It mainly provides underwater inspection and non-destructive testing, underwater reinforcement of risk dams, crack treatment, underwater construction, underwater containment, dredging, blasting, cutting, welding, underwater geomorphology survey and measurement, shipwreck sinking, etc.. Exploration and salvage, ROV underwater robots, large water depth atmospheric pressure diving, helium oxygen mixed gas diving, nuclear diving and other services. At the same time, the company is a diving training center of the China Diving and Salvage Industry Association. The training scope covers: air diving training, hybrid air diving training, municipal engineering diving training, ROV training, and atmospheric pressure diving[ ADS] Training.
The company always with superb technology, excellent engineering quality, zero accident safety guarantee, to create the greatest value for global customers. With "first-class management, first-class quality, first-class service" return to the society, for the company to win a good business reputation and customer reputation.
Welcome to join Qingdao Pacific, create a beautiful and brilliant!