National energy conference was held in Beijing

Release time:11/15/2021 5:43:44 AM

On December 27, national energy conference was held in Beijing. Meeting thoroughly study and apply xi jinping, general secretary of a series of important speech spirit and governing new ideas, new ideas new strategy, the implementation of the central economic work conference spirit, communicate learning prime minister li keqiang, vice prime minister zhang gaoli important instructions about energy demand, summarizes reform, energy development, this year, the deployment of 2017 main task. Party secretary of the national development and reform commission, director xu shaoshi to attend the meeting and delivered a speech. Deputy director of the national development and reform commission, the national energy administration, party secretary, director, nur bekri, make a work report at the meeting.
Xu shaoshi said that over the past year, the national energy administration and the energy system to carry out new development idea, take the initiative to adapt to, grasp and lead the new normal economic development, structural reforms to boost the supply side as the main line, forge ahead, and take the initiative to as, the key tasks have a new progress made new achievements. One is deep for long-term, thinking of the energy development in more clear, 2 it is to adjust the structure of energy supply side wins initial success in structural reform, three is innovation drive, new kinetic energy accumulated energy development momentum, four is accurate, orderly energy for short project implementation. At the same time, the solid foundation to carry out the "two learn how to make a" learning education, deepening the comprehensive governing party, provide a solid guarantee to the development of energy.
Xu shaoshi, energy system to pay close attention to energy MiaoTouXing bias potential problems, accurately grasp the trend of energy development trend change. One must fully grasp the global economic recovery is weak, highlighted further instability and uncertainty, as well as the global economic structure adjustment and management system restructuring bring new opportunities for development in our country, such as new international economic environment change; 2 should deeply grasp the demand of the new normal economic development, focus on new areas to promote the growth of energy consumption, a new mode of new forms of the mass consumer demand both new situation; Third, we need to deeply grasp the new characteristics of regional development pattern reshaping optimization.
Xu shaoshi stressed that 2017 was played an important role in the party and national undertaking development of the year, and the implementation of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning important year, energy work must adhere to seek improvement in stability work always tone, closely around promote supply side structural reforms to the main line, focus on the following work: a steadfast to capacity, surely will dissolve the excess capacity of coal a grasp in the end, attaches great importance to prevent dissolve coal overcapacity problem. Second, we must comprehensively promote energy production and consumption revolution strategy, promote non-fossil energy scale development, fossil energy, clean efficient use. Third, we need to speed up the pace of reform and innovation in the field of energy, electricity, oil, natural gas industry achieve new breakthroughs in reform, focus on promoting energy key technology and equipment innovation. Fourth, we need to vigorously implement the energy of the peoples livelihood projects, increase clean energy supply of the peoples livelihood, accelerate the rural energy production and consumption patterns change, overall energy and poverty alleviation. Five should further strengthen the security responsibility consciousness, firmly hold the safety in production line. At the same time, we need to perform comprehensive governing party "two responsibility", continuously promote management idea management function management management style changes.
Nur bekri, made at the meeting the seek improvement in stability development Focus on the supply reform With new energy career achievement to meet the victory at the partys 19 "of work report. He pointed out that in 2016, the national energy work carry out the new ideas, new ideas of the party central committee in governing strategy, adhere to seek improvement in stability work always tone, structural reforms to boost the supply side as the main line, to vigorously promote the structural optimization and industrial upgrading, and vigorously strengthen the innovation development momentum, expanding international cooperation, the system constructed the framework of implementing the strategy of energy revolution, promulgated the "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" series of energy development planning, to pay special attention to the central patrol rectification implementation, implements "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" good start, it is focus on restructuring to promote transformation, further improve the quality of energy supply. Dissolve the excess capacity of coal overfulfilled task for the whole year, cancel 12.4 million kw does not have the approval conditions of coal project. Steadily push forward green clean development and utilization of coal, coal reconstruction of energy saving more than 200 million kilowatts, ultra low emission more than 100 million kilowatts. Speed up the development of non-fossil energy, actively promote clean energy instead of, our country has become a hydropower, wind power, solar power installed the worlds superpower. Second, focus on strong foundation for short, energy to further enhance its capability of sustainable development. New transmission capacity of more than 20 million kw, and the year (distribution), the length of the line capacitance were up 8% from a year earlier, the year approved 7 pumped storage power station. Nuclear power breakthrough progress was made in major projects, key breakthrough in electric power system reform. Third, strive to promote the reform of "pipes", the energy industry to further improve the governance ability. Complete the deployment of the pipes under the state council reform task; market regulation, productive, safe supervision solid and strong. Four is focus on promoting the construction of a service-oriented authority, universal service level to further improve energy. Small towns, the upgrade of central village site and implement the national rural shaft power engineering, with a total investment of about 190 billion yuan, benefiting 85000 small cities and towns and central village, covering 210 million acres of farmland. Implementation of photovoltaic (pv) poverty alleviation, benefit about 550000 document 14 provinces tent card poor, every household will increase 3000 yuan of above. Implementation is funding power engineering, benefiting 54000 poor natural villages, 10.8 million people. Five is to deepen international cooperation, further expand energy development space. "Area" energy cooperation goes well, nuclear power of "going out" important achievements, hinckley Angle C nuclear project substantive start, multi-level communication pragmatic deeply. Six is to enhance the consciousness of the "four", carry out "two learn how to make a" learning education, increase the intensity of patrol work, supervision and enforcement accountability, strengthen grass-roots party construction, comprehensive and effective party further.
In 2016, China is expected to total energy consumption of about 4.36 billion tons of standard coal, year-on-year growth of around 1.4%; Non-fossil energy consumption ratio reached 13.3%, year-on-year increase of 1.3%; The energy output of about 3.43 billion tons of standard coal, falling by 5.1%. Power capacity of 1.65 billion kilowatts, clean machine structure trend significantly, the proportion of non-fossil energy capacity by 36.1%, year-on-year increase of 2%; The whole society about 6 trillion KWH electricity consumption, growth at around 5.0%.
Nur bekri, stressed that to "four revolution, a cooperative" strategic thought for leading, fully meet the domestic and international energy development situation, duties on the supply side structural reforms to the main line is not shaken, unswervingly adhere to the strategic direction of green low carbon energy conservation priority, insist on not be moved, unswervingly stick fossil energy efficient use of clean, on not be moved, relying on domestic unswervingly adhere to the innovation and opening, strictly control the total energy consumption and the intensity and strive to improve the development quality and efficiency, ability to focus on enhancing energy security, adjust the energy structure, to optimize energy development layout, comprehensive "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning the implementation of the" pays special attention to the energy development, provide a solid guarantee to build a well-off society in an all-round way.
Nur bekri, has been clear about the 2017 reform, energy development, general requirements, in-depth implementation of the CPC central committee and the state council a series of major policy decisions and stick to seek improvement in stability work always tone, firmly set up and implement the new development ideas, to adapt to lead the economic development of the new normal, in order to improve the development quality and efficiency as the center, in order to deepen the reform of the supply side structural as the main line, unswervingly promote the further development of energy revolution, strive to improve the quality and efficiency of supply, strive to foster innovation and development power, strive to enhance the level of universal service, to promote steady economic and social harmony and stability to make new contributions to the development of health for the victory at the partys 19th to provide safe and reliable, strong powerful service guarantee.
Nur bekri, stressed that the energy work must always adhere to seek improvement in stability work always tone, actively expand energy efficient investment, focus on energy structure adjustment and energy systems for short board, fossil energy efficient development and utilization of green energy, energy consumption mode innovation, benefiting the people and five aspects of work, build a "stable", the basis of the foot "into" kung fu, in order to promote the economic operation in a reasonable range make new contributions. Must push the supply side structural reform as the key part of energy development and reform, by the spirit of a nail and grasp the iron have scars, unswervingly pay special attention to the coal production capacity, to prevent coal excess capacity, vigorously promote the development of new energy science.
, nur bekri, points out that to improve the structure of energy supply in 2017: continue to resolve to prevent excess capacity, speed up out a batch of disaster seriously, resource depletion, backward technology and equipment, do not have safe production conditions, do not conform to the coal industry policy of coal mine, point out below 300000 tons of backward production capacity, strict controls of new capacity, by reducing the displacement, in accordance with the rules in accordance with the disposal procedure is not complete and suspected of illegal coal mines, coal mine under construction and orderly development of advanced productivity. Standardize the order of coal mine production and construction, for building, super ability before batch production and other violations of regulation; Attaches great importance to both coal and the problem of excess, further intensify regulation, the reduction of deceleration, the brakes have to brake, especially those energy-consuming, high pollution, has not obtained a legal procedure for examination and approval of construction projects. Those who start construction procedure is not complete, stop the construction. To speed up the coal structure optimization and transformation and upgrading, to 2020 coal size control within 1.1 billion kilowatts. Promote renewable energy given ability, accelerate the construction of clean energy transmission channel, abandon the wind rate more than 20%, discard rate more than 5% of the province, pause to arrange the new scale of wind power, photovoltaic power generation; To strengthen the construction of electric power system adjustment ability, speed up the construction of pumped storage power station, the key to promote flexibility reform pilot coal-burning power plants, a new batch of natural gas peak shaving plant.
Nur bekri requirements, transformation of the mode of energy consumption, to raise the proportion of clean energy consumption, the development of new pattern of new forms as the key point, promote energy development towards high level balance between supply and demand. In 2017, a total energy consumption to control at about 4.4 billion tons of standard coal, non-fossil increased to about 14.3% of the total energy consumption, increased to about 6.8% of the total gas consumption, coal consumption ratio fell to 60%. Deepening energy substitution, the key to carry out the residents energy alternative heating, transportation and other fields. Promote the peak valley price mechanism, promoting natural gas utilization. Continue to promote the oil product quality upgrading, on January 1, 2017, the national comprehensive supplier will five standard automotive gasoline and diesel.
Mr Nur bekri, points out that to actively promote energy technology and equipment to upgrade, to promote science and technology major projects of oil and gas, well implement nuclear major projects, key technology research for strengthening and deepening energy equipment innovation and development. To continue deepening the reform of energy systems and mechanisms, to promote the energy of the rule of law construction, deepening the reform of electric power system of oil and gas. To comprehensively deepen international cooperation in energy, further promote the "area" energy cooperation, expanding international oil and gas cooperation, vigorously promote nuclear power of "going out", actively participate in international energy management. To attach great importance to energy safety in production work, to carry out a nuclear safety rectification action, strengthen the supervision of electric power safety, strengthen safety management of oil and gas storage and transportation facilities, enhance the level of coal mine safety production. Engineering to implement energy huimin polity, winter in the northern region, the clean and warm, upgrade the all-round power grid, photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects, actively promote energy field atmospheric pollution prevention and control work.
, nur bekri, stressed that must further study appreciate xi jinping, general secretary of the series of important speech spirit, constantly promote the party team business integration development, and strive to improve the ability of adapt to lead the new normal economic development ability, encouraging further improve style, strengthen the main responsibility and supervision responsibility, further promote the comprehensive governing party, constantly strengthen the consciousness of "four" especially core, look, more consciousness firmly with the party central committee with comrade xi for the core remain highly consistent.
Grid zheng jie, deputy director of the national energy administration in the concluding remarks pointed out that each unit to seriously implement the conference spirit, refinement of work tasks, to carry out the job responsibility, in the spirit of "nail" pays special attention to the implementation of all work.
During the meeting, six units masterpiece communication to speak.
The CPC central committee, the National Peoples Congress, the Chinese peoples political consultative conference, relevant departments of the state council and the central military commission related departments responsible comrades, various provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, xinjiang production and construction corps is responsible for energy development and reform of government functional departments responsible for comrade, large energy, energy equipment manufacturing enterprises, relevant industry association is responsible for the comrades to attend the meeting.
The national energy administration of the party group members, supervisory director, chief engineer at the meeting. The national energy administration department, each sent energy regulator, directly affiliated institutions, the itu, CLP media mainly responsible for the comrades to attend the meeting.